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The long awaited 4th generation Lexus RX was unveiled at a media event last week.

Since its introduction in 1998, the car has proven to be a huge success amongst those who want luxury and utility wrapped in a single package. The Lexus RX has always been a popular offering on our streets further evidenced by Borneo Motor’s announcement that bookings for new RX have been filled till April 2016.

Being Lexus’ best-selling model worldwide, the new RX features several upgrades over its accomplished predecessor together with radical new styling that has been introduced gradually throughout the Lexus model range. Dubbed L-Finesse – leading edge design and technology applied with finesse – the new RX comes with Lexus’ signature hour glass spind...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 21 hours ago
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Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new GLE Coupe and GLE, taking their renowned off-road prowess to the luxury consumer.

Inspired by the legendary G-Class, the newly christened GLE and GLE Coupe are part of the move by Mercedes to rebrand their model line-up in line with the staple A, C, E and S-Class sedans. Gone is the ML, facelifted and transformed into the so named GLE – and as far as naming conventions go, if the E-Class is bigger than the A-Class, so too is the GLE larger than the existing GLA and so on. Get the new naming concept of Mercedes now?

Said Wolfgang Huppenbaur, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Singapore: “The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and GLE offer unparalleled dynamisn, versatility and robustness, true to the Mercede...

Story by Alvan Sio; Photos from Mercedes-Benz posted 21 hours ago
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The 2015 F1 season has come to a close! Nico Rosberg closed off the season the way his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton started it, by dominating and winning the race. He had an absolutely brilliant start, pulling away from the rest of the pack, not dissimilar to what his teammate pulled out 365 days ago.

As this is the last race, and that the bulk of the cars will never see professional racing duties again, drivers have become incredibly aggressive, with some pushing the envelope a little too far. I’m talking about the McLaren of Fernando Alonso here. He tried a little too hard to make up places at the start, which caused him to hit the Sauber of Nasr, before losing control and collecting the Lotus of Pastor Maldonado.

Off the line, and barring Rosberg, Perez got the best start of the top 5, but had nowhere to go as Hamilton and Raikkonen covered off the inside and outside respectively.

Posted 21 hours ago
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Introduction, exterior

It’s not very often that rain impedes the collection of a car from the showroom. Not for me anyway. But in an interesting twist of fate, I came to Mazda to collect their all-new fourth generation MX-5 and it started to pour just as the previous journalist returned the car.

It’s a convertible sports car – what was I going to do with it if it’s pouring outside? The fact that rain messes up the exterior cleanliness of the car didn’t help either. Whilst I waited for the rain to go away so that we could pour over the car and check through it before collection, I had an indefinite amount of free time to, well, check out the showroom.

The opportunity to examine the car in detail presented itself so I started to look intently at the unit sitti...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted Yesterday
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Last week, you learnt 5 Facts About Overtrading Your Car In Singapore. The week before, I revealed 5 Insider’s Perspectives regarding selling your cars to used-car dealers in Singapore. This week, I’m going to be talking about buying a parallel imported car in Singapore.

Or rather, Steven Lim will be talking about it.

As you may know from my previous 2 stories, Steven Lim is a car broker by profession. His job, which is to link up buyers and sellers of cars, lets him transact many more cars a month than I ever can in 10 years, giving him the experience needed to get you a good deal.

With many of us on the hunt for a new car to show off during Chinese New Year (which is less than 3 months away), here’s what he said are our most common ...

Posted Yesterday
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Introduction, Engine

Charles Babbage designed the first mechanical computer in 1821, just as Napoleon was gasping his last breath. He called it the Difference Engine. Some 190 years later, Audi has pulled of the same trick of introducing something utterly different - from anything else in its range - with a turbocharged 3-cylinder car. Like Babbage's device back in 1821, it needs a bit of explaining.

The use of a 999cc 3-cyclinder turbocharged engine in a Audi raised eyebrows when it was introduced earlier this year. Previous versions of the four-door hatch, which Audi calls a Sportback, used a 4-cylinder 1400cc unit making for good performance in the lightweight (1 tonne) car. But astonishingly given the loss of one cylinder and 400cc, the new 2015 A1 has ...

Story and Photos by Jeremy Torr posted 27 Nov 2015
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The LTA will open the new flyovers linking Yishun and Seletar Aerospace Park to the CTE on the 28th of November at 5 am. Once the expressways are through to commuter traffic, motorists heading towards Yishun or Seletar Aerospace Park from CTE (SLE) can use the new Exit 16.  In the opposite direction, motorists from Yishun and Seletar Aerospace Park can also connect directly to CTE (City) and Yio Chu Kang Road via Seletar West Link.

It is hoped that the new link will ease the current heavy traffic conditions experienced along Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue 2.

Pictures used for illustration purposes only.

Posted 24 Nov 2015
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The BMW 3 Series has always been the marque’s best seller and for good reason. It’s fun, dynamically inclined and typically has great styling. Also it comes with a blue and white propeller badge that most hold in high regard for assorted reasons.

BMW has revived the old 318i moniker for 2015 in the facelift of the now 3-year-old F30 generation 3er, but with a twist. It now comes with a 1.5l three cylinder modular engine that will be adapted for various cars in BMW’s stable in the coming months. This is the big change over the E90 318i, which had a relatively large 2.0l engine that didn’t put out a whole lot of power. But we’ll get to the engine and performance in a bit.

Replacing the highly popular 316i that had a 1.6l four cylinder en...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 23 Nov 2015
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