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A new rule will see Singapore vehicles denied access into Malaysia unless they have been registered with Malaysia's Road Transport Department (RTD). Malaysia will put the new law in place on the 1st of September, and all Singapore vehicle owners will have to pay $3.60 for the road charge, which will be valid for 5 years. Online registration will begin on the 15th of August, but should you not be a fan of using the Internet, don’t worry , for you will still be able to pay for the registration the old fashioned way at all the 72 counters in both the Causeway and Second Link, along with rest stops near the checkpoint.

Once payment is made, the RTD will then issue an RFID card, which is not transferable from car to car. With the new registration, Singapore vehicles will be allowed through Johor checkpoints free-of-charge for a month long free trail, which starts on the 1st of September. Post free-trial, owners will have to fork out $8 per entry for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).

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 The all-new BMW 7 Series, the brand’s flagship in its sixth generation, is featured in the highly-anticipated film “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” from Paramount Pictures. BMW is the exclusive worldwide automotive partner of this installment of the legendary action film franchise starring Tom Cruise.

 This is the second time BMW has lent its superior technological support to the franchise, enabling it to deliver breathtaking automotive stunt scenes shot around the globe. BMW previously partnered with Paramount on 2011’s “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.”

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The French are good at cars. Despite what Daimler would have you believe, a French chap called Edouard Delamare-Deboutteville drove a car of his own design 6km in Normandy, in 1884. That's one year before Carl Benz came up with his first oil-burner on wheels. That of course was back when the roads were narrow, bumpy and congested, going any distance was an uncomfortable experience, fuel was rare and expensive, and finding a reliable powerplant was a major challenge.

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Volvo has just launched its top of the range XC90 seven seater in Singapore, and it comes crammed with new technology. Volvo says the latest model brings the  generous interior space and flexible capacity of an SUV together with the agility and comfort of a much smaller and lower car, and world-leading technology. The company claims the XC90 has been Singapore's best selling 7-seater SUV to date, with over 1,500 sold - and more than 20 pre-orders for the latest update despite it not even having arrived yet. Volvo says the new model represents their vision of what it means to drive a luxury car in the 21st century.

The XC90 boasts a completely new Sensus integrated control system that cuts down the number of buttons on the dash to just...

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How often do you get an invite to drink free beer, eat free food - and check out one of Mercedes-Benz's latest cool creations on the roof of the iconic People's Park Centre as the RSAF Black Knights roar overhead in a "50" formation of F-16s to celebrate the nation's Gold Anniversary? Not often. So when Oneshift got the invite, we jumped at the chance.

The new CLA Shooting brake is billed by Daimler as "designed for urban hunting". If that sounds a bit weird, some history might help.

The original shooting brakes were built around the turn of last century to "take gentlemen on the hunt with their firearms and dogs". They weren't cars, but they weren't trundling trucks either. A sort of custom-built compromise between a sports car and ...

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Singapore, 31 July 2015 – Early this morning, a convoy of 33 gleaming Lamborghinis formed a spectacular display as they lined-up for the flag-off of the Running of the Bulls 2015 charity drive. Spearheaded by EuroSports Auto, the official distributor of Lamborghini, this charitable initiative galvanised the generous donation of Lamborghini owners who revved up their racing bulls, raising a total of SGD$32,200 among themselves, to further the cause of Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF).

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SINGAPORE, 31 JULY 2015 – Audi is presenting its next step in automotive lighting technology at the IAA in Frankfurt. The new Matrix OLED lights enable a previously unattainable level of lighting homogeneity, opening up further creative opportunities for design.

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"We Are Singapore"

Have you decided to heed your nation’s call to stay in Singapore over the Presidentially declared Jubilee Weekend from 7 to 10 August? Now you should also heed the call to participate in commemorating this special milestone in our nation’s history. And what better way than to do it, than with the love of your life - your car! Here’s 10 ways you can (because 50 is overhyped).

1.    Decorate your car with 50 things

From wing mirrors wraps and red dots-onna-stick to actual flags you can fly on your car, there’s no more ostentatious way to show your patriotism publicly than to jazz up your car with our country’s national colours.

And if you choose to get one of those little red dots-onna-stick, it’s worth noting that you’ll both be cele...

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