Peugeot's lucky number

Peugeot 408 Turbo 1.6 Review

Story and photos by Azfar Hashim - 23 Dec 2012

Peugeot pulls out a party trick just before the year comes to an end

Introduction, Exterior

Peugeot has been missing from this important segment for a while.

Their last offering, the 407, was quite a hit when it first came, but over time with the arrival of the Germans with their extensive products, Peugeot slowly got lost in oblivion.

But it seems as if things are bound to change now that the new 408 is here.

Now, these are some quick info: the 408 is originally built for large volume, sedan-centric markets like China, Russia and Malaysia. But as there are demands and Peugeot needs to complete their local product line-up, the arrival of a mid-sized sedan is a timely one.

It’s not hard to notice how the 408 might not look anything out of the ordinary – after all, it shares the same face as the 308 hatchback. But from the C-pillars onwards, the 408 doesn’t share any other similar parts. One thing’s for sure is that it isn’t d-u-l-l.

Indeed when it is parked nose to tail behind an Elantra and Civic, it looks curvier and there is just something that makes it – for no better word, sorry – funky…

Here’s the interesting bit though – Peugeot manage to make it look like a real sedan, and not like a hatchback-slapped-with-a-boot. From the side, the car looks proportionate despite being large: at 4,682 mm long and with a wheelbase of 2,710 mm, the 408 is undoubtedly a long car and size wise, it sits next to the 3 Series and S60. 

17-inch rims, wrapped in 245/45 R-17 Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 rubbers come standard as well, enhancing the car’s exterior even further.

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  I hope Grace is nice
- Anonymous Singapore. 4 Jan 2013 8:52AM
  I believe you meant one-tenth of a second slower than a Jetta Sport? Not one second?
- Anonymous Singapore. 27 Dec 2012 3:31PM
 its a 308 with a boot, made in msia, and obviously will be a theft magnet

buy at own risk
- Anonymous , Singapore. 26 Dec 2012 8:34PM
 @Oneshift - did you just say that the rear overhang is 1.3m long??
- Anonymous , Singapore. 26 Dec 2012 11:57AM
 Is the car imported from Malaysia?
- caddilacwong , Malaysia. 24 Dec 2012 2:13PM
 The Renault Megane RS which is so highly rated for its handling has a torsion beam rear suspension. What makes you think the 408 would not be able to handle well if it had the same setup?
- Anonymous , Singapore. 24 Dec 2012 9:18AM
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