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Introduction, Exterior

Audi has always had a penchant for being a crowd pleaser with a model suited to each and everyone’s individual needs. With that many models, Audi segregates the performance levels to their ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘RS’ models.

In the ‘A’, you buy into the quality interior and prestige of the Audi brand and get a slight preview of the dynamic capability of Audi’s chassis and All Wheel Drive systems.

Scaling the ladder, things start to get more nutty as you enter the ‘S’ badged models that feature larger engines and a more comprehensive dynamic package.

Once you hit their flagship ‘RS’ models however, all your clichés about Germans being all too serious falls on to the wayside. No matter what their brochures say, there is nothing more bonkers tha...

Posted 25 Feb 2013
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Audi has a knack for filling or creating a market segment where there isn’t one to begin with. Much like Apple with its iPad tablet that seemingly created a gizmo that we never knew we needed.

In the case of Audi however, it is not alone in the entry-level SUV crossover segment. With the introduction of the re-engined BMW X1, it finally gives the Bavarian an engine worthy of its chassis in the way of a 2.0-litre twin turbo lump. This thrusts the Beemer directly into the Q3’s path.

The Swedes are also joining this party with their newly launched Volvo V40 XC. While the V40 is bringing only a 1.6-litre to the fray, we expect it to make quite an argument for your monies taking into consideration its other plus points.

Yes, we see a twin ...

Posted 5 Feb 2013
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Introduction, Exterior

‘Women age like fine wine’, they say. 

Well, that saying doesn’t just apply to women; it applies to some cars as well, especially those that, despite being introduced some six years ago, still remain fresh. Sounds like a future classic, doesn’t it?

The car we’re referring to today is Audi’s TT. So what’s new this time around? A new smaller engine; which of course also mean lower price tag. 

The TT range is quite a wide one. Prior to the introduction (or reintroduction?) of the 1.8-litre variant you’re about to read about today, it started off with the 2.0-litre four pot, then a higher-powered TTS and then the ultimate TTRS, with a 2.5-litre five-pot turbocharged unit nestled under the bonnet.

But on a more personal note, my favourite...

Story by Azfar Hashim, photos by Azfar Hashim and Joel Tam posted 29 Jan 2013
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Introduction, Exterior

SUVs are a dime a dozen in our market, which is an interesting case if you think about it, considering how small our market is, and there is no space for SUVs to be exploited here. 

That said, the pick up rate for SUVs, particularly those in the premium segment, are surprisingly high, which should explain why every brand has at least one in their product line up.

Now let’s focus on Audi’s Q5. It’s a brilliant product when it was first launched here somewhere back in 2009: nicely shaped, potent engine and transmission combo and most importantly, it’s an Audi. Of course with COE prices back then less ridiculous than what it is right now, the Q5 was flying off the showroom floor like hot bagels…

And the fact that BMW’s X3 was aging, Volv...

Story and photos by Azfar Hashim posted 14 Jan 2013
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Introduction, Exterior

Up till today, this luxury executive hatchback (obviously you cannot consider them sedans) class – a segment only Audi, BMW and Porsche are competing in – still polarizes opinion. You might want to accuse Audi of building a segment filler as a vain effort; but it’s just too good to be “just a segment filler”.

All that said, the base A7 obviously works. Somehow. So now meet it’s sinister brother: the S7.

Here’s the thing: you would look at a car like this only because you want something that is fast yet subtle. Not over the top. Deserves respect on the road. And looks so classy.

The S in S7 must have meant “Superrrrrrr 7”. It has all the proper add-ons to make it go super fast: a sporty front bumper that was obviously given much thought by t...

Story by Azfar Hashim, photos by Low Fai Ming posted 4 Nov 2012
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Introduction, Exterior

Next to the 3.0-litre Porsche Panamera Hybrid ($357k without COE), 3.5-litre Infiniti M35h ($293k), 3.0-litre BMW ActiveHybrid 5 ($320k) and the one that began it all Lexus with its 3.5-litre GS450h ($317k), Ingolstadt’s 2.0-litre A6 Hybrid sounds the greenest in the lot.

And the cheapest one too: at $278k, with COE mind you. This ‘bargain’ should attract executives wanting something different - and green - to drive on a daily basis, or even fleet managers whose task for the next financial year is to lower petrol expenditures.

Looking at the exterior, there’s nothing much to give away that this is a different kind of A6. Look closer however, and you are sure to notice the ‘hybrid’ badges flanking both sides of the car, and also the boot. T...

Story and photos by Azfar Hashim posted 23 Oct 2012
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Introduction, styling

Unlike its prestigious German competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi is the only brand that has been offering two separate line-ups of performance models for some time now.  There’s the RS range, Audi’s equivalent of BMW’s M and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG cars. And then there’s the S line of performance cars. The S variants bridge the gap between Audi’s regular models and the supercar slaying RS cars. It was only recently that BMW finally followed in the footsteps of Audi to introduce M Performance models, a range that will go head-to-head with Audi’s S line of cars.

While BMW’s M Performance line features only the M135i as well as the oil burning, tri-turbo M550d and X5/X6 M50d models, each Audi model range from the A3 to the A8,  bar the ...

Story by Raymond Lai in Munich Photos by Audi posted 2 Oct 2012
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Introduction, styling

When it comes to premium compact SUVs that is around the size of a family hatchback like the Golf, the BMW X1 has mostly had its own way since it was introduced about two years ago. As soon as the X1 was introduced to the market though, news filtered that one of BMW’s closest competitors, Audi was readying a rival to the X1 in the form of the Q3.

Without any imminent introduction of any other similarly sized premium SUV models from rival manufacturers on the horizon, the Q3 and X1 will be in a class of their own in the coming years. We’ve already tested the X1 in base form back when it was launched two years back but what about the Q3? The compact model that Audi calls an urban SUV is finally here and it’s finally time for us to put t...

Story and photos by Raymond Lai posted 16 Sep 2012
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