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Pretty faces

The current generation BMW 3 Series Coupe has had things on its own in the premium mid-sized coupe sector since it was introduced a few years back. Its closest competitor, the Mercedes-Benz CLK was an ageing model by then so it wasn't really a threat to the coupe from Munich.

Then came the pretender from Ingolstadt two years ago - the Audi A5's convincing breadth of talents made the BMW's comfortable position in the class not so comfortable after all. Mercedes-Benz are not just going to let its rivals fight it out on their own though. The demise of the CLK signals the reentry of a new coupe based on the latest generation E-Class last year. The last time Stuttgart had an E-Class derived coupe model was with the W124 CE model. This time t...

Story and Photos by Raymond Lai posted 12 Aug 2010
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S for Sport

With the recently unveiling of the A7 Sportback, there are now three Sportback models in Audi's range. There should be a fourth model on the way in the future in the form of an A1 Sportback. Just like the A3 Sportback, which is a five-door version of the A3, the A1 Sportback will basically be a five-door variant of the A1 supermini. So it seems that Sportback equates to five-door versions of regular Audi models then.

Besides the entry level A3 Sportback, the other Sportback model currently available here is the A5 Sportback. The latter has been available here since the beginning of the year in two guises - a base 2.0 TFSI quattro model and the V6 powered 3.2 FSI quattro. With the recent introduction of the S5 Sportback, there's now a th...

Posted 29 Jul 2010
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Soft spot

I have been looking forward to get behind the wheel of the Audi TT RS ever since Audi announced that it will be powered by a new and unique 2.5-litre five-cylinder TFSI motor with 340bhp. What's the big deal with this engine other than its power output, you may ask. Well, Audi has taken the effort to design and develop a five-pot for the hottest TT so that it can evoke the spirit of the original quattro rally car.

I'm a big fan of the quattro and so I was naturally drawn by the TT RS and a couple of months back I finally tested the coupe version. But I felt a tad underwhelmed when I first drove it on our congested roads amidst slow moving start-stop traffic - there was just something missing from the TT RS that I couldn't put it in word...

Story by Raymond Lai Photos by Yang posted 17 Jul 2010
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Style machine

For many, the TT is the very essence of Audi's style but there is another Ingolstadt model way before the TT that showcased the brand's style. The model I'm talking about here is the 1970 100 Coupe S.

With its flowing lines and sloping fastback rear, the 100 Coupe S is a definite Audi style icon. Audi recently revived the spirit of the 100 Coupe S' styling with the A5 Sportback. The latter has a fastback rear with a profile and silhouette akin to the 100 Coupe S'. Based on the sexy A5 coupe, the A5 Sportback offers the looks of a coupe, practicality of a saloon and the versatility of an estate car, a sort of three-in-one concept according to Audi.

Despite its part coupe, part fastback styling, the A5 Sportback looks every bit as good...

Story and Photos by Raymond Lai posted 30 May 2010
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Family feud

German sports car maker and niche player Porsche certainly burned its fingers when it attempted to take over the much bigger Volkswagen Group a couple of years back. The takeover saga went to take an ironic twist at the end of 2009 when Volkswagen in turn, made a bid to take over Porsche to make it the eighth brand in the vast Volkswagen Group, joining the likes of Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat and Skoda as one big, happy family.

So ponder this... the Volkswagen Group will have overlapping low volume, niche models like the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8 for example. Will the R8 be eventually killed off so that the 911 will become the only practical super car in the group or will the Porsche Panamera line be discontinueued so th...

Story and Photos by Raymond Lai posted 13 May 2010
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Vitamin C

Base models might not be as powerful or as well equipped as top of the range ones but they're usually the more popular among the buying crowd here thanks to their more affordable price tags.

The current generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class is proving to be a hit with compact executive buyers over here judging the way it is eating into the BMW 3 Series' fat pie. Outwardly, the C-Class is a good looking and well proportioned car. The S- and CL-Class inspired looks are refreshing for a petite and compact Mercedes saloon. The most affordable C-Class model is the C180.

While the C-Class biggest rival has always been the BMW 3 Series, there is an ever increasing threat from Audi with its A4. After all, the Four Rings has overtaken the Three-poi...

Story and Photos by Raymond Lai posted 26 Apr 2010
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German drop top

The French Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nice, St. Tropez, Antibes, Cannes and Monaco are some of the familiar names situated on the Cote d'Azur. With such scenic beaches, the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean and a tax haven (in the case of the Principality of Monaco), you can find plenty of both beautiful people and the rich and famous residing here. Naturally, members of the affluent society here cruise around in nice, million dollar supercars to match their spanking seaside villas or yachts. A car that definitely suits their needs is the new Audi R8 Spyder.

Four years after the R8 first made its transition from the Le Mans quattro concept to Audi's first mid-engine supercar, the topless S...

Story by Raymond Lai in Nice Photos by Audi posted 4 Apr 2010
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Eighth wonder

The luxury limo sector is about to see a big expansion when it comes to new models this year. Porsche has recently introduced the Panamera range while Mercedes-Benz and Lexus launched an updated S-Class and LS respectively. This year will see the introduction of the radical new Jaguar XJ as well as the new, third generation Audi A8 that we just had a preview drive in Southern Spain this week.

The new model is the third generation A8 and the fourth luxury saloon model from Audi in the modern era. The current generation A8 has been around since 2002 and is still rather contemporary in many aspects but the new model is set to introduce new innovations that is new to the luxury class.

Outwardly, the new model can be immediately be differen...

Story by Raymond Lai from Malaga, Spain Photos by Raymond Lai and Audi posted 13 Feb 2010
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