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Torque of the town

Europe is madly in love with the diesel engine. More than half of the total new cars on sale today in Europe are diesels. The diesel is even more popular in countries like France and Austria where 65 and 70 percent respectively of new cars sold are oil burners. The US is fast catching up with diesel technology as well, thanks to sky rocketing fuel prices.

So why is the diesel so popular then? Well, the modern day diesel is obviously economical. Spiraling fuel costs have contributed much to the diesel passenger car's success in Europe. A diesel consumes considerably less than a petrol engine, especially in stop-start city traffic. With no sign of petrol prices falling, the diesel has an advantage over petrol-powered cars when it comes to...

Posted 23 Aug 2010
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V8 growl

Over two days last week, jaguar distributor Malayan Motors invited customers and prospects to the open grounds of the Changi Exhibition Center to experience the power, ride and handling of two newly introduced models, the XFR and the XK Portfolio coupe.

Led by Laurence Plummer, a professional driver from Jaguar based UK, the team of local driving instructors brought the guests through two specially-constructed slalom courses to demonstrate the capabilities and dynamic technology in the two new models, powered by the all-new advanced and highly efficient 5.0-litre AJ V8 Gen III engines.

As expected, we were on hand to have a go as well. The XK was first on my list to try as I’ve already driven the ballistic XFR previously. The big GT c...

story Raymond Lai Photos Malayan Motors and Raymond Lai posted 18 Nov 2009
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R you ready for take-off?

Unlike BMW’s M cars and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG variants, Jaguar’s R models are rather understated and somewhat under rated when it comes to high performance saloons. Models like the S Type R and the XJR were immensely quick and capable performance sedans that deserved more credit and mention.

Perhaps the new XFR will improve the image and recognition of Jaguar’s R cars. With more than 500 horses on tap, Coventry’s hot XF certainly sounds like it has what it takes to take the fight to the Germans.

The hottest XF previously available was the very discrete looking,  416bhp SV8, which is no longer available as its rather ancient 4.2-litre V8 has been surpassed by Jaguar’s new generation of AJ V8 motors displacing 5000cc.

With 510bhp on tap, the XF...

Story and photos by Raymond Lai posted 7 Nov 2009
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A little history lesson

Six years seem to be an eternity in the car industry. While the average product life cycle of a Japanese car is typically about four years, their European counterparts usually have a longer shelf life – anywhere between five to six years.

Jaguar though, seems to be bulking this trend for European models. Coventry’s baby model has now entered its seventh year since it was first launched, and has just received its first facelift for it to soldier on to see off its substantially more modern German and Japanese rivals.

The X-Type first appeared in 2001 with much fanfare as it was touted to be the model to save Jaguar’s fortunes. The X-Type was also the first ever compact saloon from the British car maker.

But with no suitable small ca...

Story by Raymond Lai, pictures by Azfar Hashim posted 20 Dec 2008
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If you’re thinking of buying an executive saloon, chances are you will be seriously considering models like the ubiquitous BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. But what if you want something different, something more individual instead? Well, the Jaguar XF might just be the answer to your needs.

We first drove the XF earlier this year in its fire-breathing SV8 form. Who wouldn’t want a supercharged V8 XF that goes like stink? But in reality, most will go for the more “sensible” base model here – the 3.0 V6.

Outwardly, there’s little difference between the 3.0-litre and the SV8 other than the size and design of the alloy wheels – well, the 3.0-litre obviously rides on the smaller wheels. The XF is quite possibly one of the most h...

Story by Raymond Lai, pictures by Azfar Hashim posted 22 Nov 2008
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Bringing sexy back

Until recently, Jaguar seems to be living in the past. Take the S-Type for example - it had its styling cues and themes lifted straight out of the iconic Mark II. The S-Type’s styling inside and out was too retro to most tastes, and the mid-sized Jag was a disaster for the Coventry car maker.

Well, Jaguar has always thought that its customers were into English tea, shortbread and Cliff Richard - but the matter of fact is that they were more into Coldplay and modern appliances like HD TVs.

Jaguar finally listened when it introduced the beautiful XK a couple of years back. And now, the brand has reskinned the forgettable S-Type (S-Type R aside) inside and out, to give us the stunning XF.

Underneath, the XF’s basic structure is lifted s...

Story by Raymond Lai, pictures by Azfar Hashim posted 5 Jun 2008
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