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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What do I need to get ready for the COE Loan application?

    1. NRIC
    2. Driving License
    3. CPF Statement for the last 12 months or 2 Years Income Tax Notice Of Assessment (NOA)

  • Q2. What are the next steps after I submit the Form?

    1. Our team will email you the necessary forms and instructions for you to fill up, along with more detailed inner-workings of the renewal process.
    2. Typically with all documents in order, the loan approval period takes 2 working days and an additional 3 working days for the renewal process to complete.
    3. Status updates and experienced help will be available through out the process.

  • Q3. What is the longest COE Loan Repayment Term I can take?

    For a 5 year COE renewal, the maximum loan repayment term is 5 years.
    For a 10 year COE renewal, the maximum loan repayment term is 7 years.

  • Q4. When is the best time to renew my COE before the current one expires?

    You should renew COE at least 2 week before the current one expires. Allow 7 working days for loan approval and 3 working days for the renewal process to take place.

  • Q5. What happens if my current COE has already expired?

    You can still renew COE as long as your current one does not exceed 1 month from the date of expiry at a late payment fee from $50-$250 depending on engine capacity. For more information please go to the official source of information here:

  • Q6. Is there anything to lose from renewing my COE?

    When you choose to renew your COE, you will lose the benefit of getting your car's PARF rebate. The annual cost of ownership is (Final PARF Rebate forfeited + Renewed COE PQP) / number of years. A 5 year COE renewed Toyota Corrolla Altis is estimated at $5,474 per year which is really an affordable way to own a car.


What our customers are saying about us

Pleasantly surprised how smooth the process took. Alex is a joy to work with. I got my COE loan renewed within a week.
Tan Eu Gin

The Oneshift team is knowledgeable and was able to advise on the renewal procedure in a simple way that I can understand! Thumbs up
Evelyn Lim

Thanks for Charlie for advising me on the monthly loan breakdown amount and repayment periods. The low interest rate helps! Will recommend to friends.
James Lee


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Call our Experts at 6533 5878

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Start Now!

Call our Experts at 6533 5878

Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm

COE Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP)

April 2018
Round 2
Cat A: $38,510 1,510 $38,192
Cat B: $37,330 275 $38,712

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COE Renewal Loan Singapore Detail

Cat A 5 years Cat A 10 years Cat B 5 years Cat B 10 years
Loan Amount $19,328 $38,655 $20,441 $40,881
Max. Loan Term 5 7 5 7
Monthly Installment $373 $563 $395 $595