Compact Hybrids at The Singapore Motorshow 2017

Hybrid cars have slowly become less of the oddballs they once were. For the longest time, Toyota was at the forefront of selling their Prius, which initially drew stares as they went down the road.

Hybrid cars these days have become rather commonplace, and today we look at three which are on display at the motorshow.

Toyota Prius 1.8 S1

In it’s fourth generation, the Prius has attained cult status, with Brian Griffin of adult themed cartoon, Family Guy owning one.

Running with a 1.8 litre engine, mated to a CVT transmission, and with Toyota’s famed Hybrid Synergy Drive system. Which allows the car to be driven in full EV mode.

It does not take much to understand why many appreciate the efficiency of this compact hatchback, with many plying our streets, from private owned ones, and even fleet cars. With a wheelbase of 2700mm, the Prius provides plenty of leg stretch space within the cabin. Rear legroom especially, is extremely generous.

We did test this car a short while ago, and gave it the thumbs up. Read the full article here: //

Hyundai IONIQ

New to the market, and quite a number of years later than Toyota, Hyundai decided to make that leap, in creating themselves a compact hybrid vehicle as well.

A quick glance over, and one can tell that the IONIQ is aimed squarely at Toyota’s offering, with a rather similar hatchback-styled silhouette, sporting a lift back styled tailgate.

With three powertrains on offer, the IONIQ line features a petrol-electric hybrid, a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid, and a full EV. Confusing huh? But the offerings were made to ensure that there was a variant to suit different needs.

Powering the IONIQ is a 1.6 litre petrol engine, unlike the Prius, Hyundai opted for a 6-speed dual clutch transmission, which may offer a more exciting drive.

We did mention, aimed squarely at Toyota, the IONIQ also sits on a 2,700mm wheelbase, meaning that you might just find interior space rather similar to that of the Prius.

KIA Niro

Just recently launched too, is the KIA Niro. It really is no surprise, as KIA is Hyundai’s sister company.

Powering the Niro is the same 1.6 litre petrol engine, mated to the same 6-speed dual clutch automatic.

But that is where most similarities end. The Niro is fielded as a crossover instead of a hatch. Frontal styling, like other KIA models, receives their “Tiger Nose” treatment. A short rear overhang means that the Niro is an easy car to park.

Ride height is just marginally higher than the IONIQ, while the extra height, together with the flat folding rear seats might be a boon to some, when it comes to loading and unloading the car.

Like the IONIQ, the Niro sits on a 2,700mm wheelbase, meaning that it would offer excellent legroom for both front and rear occupants.

Check back with us, as we provide you with more updates for The Singapore Motorshow 2017, and be sure to check this car and other cars out at level 3 and 4 Suntec Singapore.


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