The Toyota Wish Club Singapore

John (The Pilot) and the Guys at TWCsg
6 Mar 2007

The Toyota Wish Club Singapore (TWCsg) was founded on the 27th May 2003 for the purpose of sharing what precious little information we had on Toyota’s 7-seater that is imported directly from Japan.

The club quickly blossomed into a huge, online presence when Singaporeans fell in love with that competent MPV. Growing rapidly, the club currently boasts an on-line community of more than 700 registered members, and has sub-groups meeting up regularly all over our island; North, South, East and West, you name it, there is almost always a weekly TWCsg meetup at a carpark near you.

A mega photo shoot was held recently on the 11th of February, 2007 at Marina South. The carpark was packed with over 120 Toyota “Wishes”, neatly packed into distinct, colour-coded groups.

This gave the old timers and friends an opportunity to meet up again, relishing the chance to catch up and admire the latest modifications and accessories fixed onto their own respective rides.

It was a lovely Sunday, filled with camera flashes, laughter and enough oohs-and-ahhs to go round.

The fact that this model was voted the best selling MPV in Singapore also harbors the possibility of the event making its way into the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of similar make/model cars in a single photo shoot.

The official TWCsg club banner was proudly unfurled behind us, admist the barrage of Wishes parked neatly like a never ending river. Although the weather was getting warm and the members were perspiring profusely, the mood was very much a jolly one. The photoshoot was a snitch, and everyone was laughing, shouting and waving their arms on cue for the camera.

Other than our regular meet-ups, the most popular feature in the club, among members and retailers alike, is the Mass Order event. With the advantage of a large population, members are privileged with deeply discounted “poison” (our affectionate term for Wish accessories) for their beloved Wish, as well as other auto products.

So, the next time you are at a traffic light, or in a public carpark, take a look at the Toyota Wish next to you. You may see a fully modified neon-flashing “batmobile” with 18-inch polished chrome rims and full body kit, or, a ride subtly styled, with a chrome exhaust tip, a carbon fibre radio antenna cover, or stylish signal lights. Such is the power of the club, to provide each member with the contacts and inspiration, to convert their stock car, into an individualised ride as unique as his or her own thumbprint.

As you can now evidently see, buying a Toyota Wish may get you the transport, but joining TWCsg engages you in a new lifestyle - an addictive hobby, and a group of gregarious brothers whom will somehow, always find the time to sit down for a cup of coffee and chat their whole life away!

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