Driven - The All-New BMW 7 Series - Wafting Through Poland - Part Two

clifford chow
17 Jul 2019

The cool dawn temperatures mark the beginning of the day, as we set off towards the Czech Republic from the 400-year old Gola Dzierżoniowska Castle, in the historical city of Wrocław, Poland. We arrived at the castle the day before in the all-new BMW X7, after a 400km journey Southwest from Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

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This time round, the BMW 7 Series, which has just recently gone through a facelift, would be our vehicle to take us through the challenging Droga 100 Zakrętów (100 Turns Road), which cuts past the scenic Góry Stołowe (Table Mountains); part of the Sudetenland, which extends into the Moravská Brána (Moravian Gate) of the Czech Republic.

Compared to the wider metalled roads which we experienced enroute to Wrocław, our journey this time in the South-Western part of Poland, was through some older, narrower stretches with poorer surfaces to deal with. It also did not help that it was a wet day, but BMW’s flagship sedan felt composed even over poorer road quality. 

Driving out of the castle’s grounds, we already have a sense of the car’s large proportions, and yet, there is that confidence you get from the mighty 7’s good all-round visibility.

Within an hour, the roads began to meander and right away, we knew that we were at the beginning of the Droga 100 Zakrętów, at this moment, the sky turns a shade of grey, and breaks into a light drizzle. 

Like the X7 we had driven the day before, the 750d is powered by the same in-line six, 3.0 quad-turbocharged engine (sorry Singapore, we do not get this engine). Flicking into “Sport” mode added a little bit of firmness to the suspension, helping to keep BMW’s large sedan planted. 

Power at 400hp and mammoth torque at 740Nm, means an effortless climb, even with the increasing incline of the roads before us. 

As a plus, the 750d also features their xDrive all-wheel drive drivetrain and four-wheel steering; both which help to provide excellent stability and traction. With the rear end turning in the opposite direction up these steep bends, the 7 Series actually feels almost as nimble as their 5 Series, while tackling some of these hairpin-like uphill turns.

While the engine purrs with turbine-like smoothness, as it delivers its drive through its ZF-sourced 8-speed transmission; within the cabin, the 750d feels well-insulated. Supple Nappa leather seats which feature criss-cross style stitching offers occupants support with their side bolsters, and are ventilated for added comfort.

Picture credits: Jamie Nonis

Steer the 7 Series into tight curve, after tight curve, easing down on the throttle just after each turn apex, you can quickly appreciate the feedback provided by the steering. Being rather heavy-footed, there were even times when the car’s safety nets kicked in to save my ego, but even this is barely noticeable.

Like the X7, the refreshed 7 Series also features their new and intuitive BMW Operating System 7.0 version of their BMW Live Cockpit Professional, comprising of a 12.3” digital instrument cluster and 10.25” Control Display. The latter which we utilised the gesture controls quite a good deal accidentally, as my CSEU Driving Experience tour partner and I dived deep into lively conversation. Using the voice prompt “Hey BMW”, activates the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which came in handy when adjusting the climate control while tackling the remainder of our 100 turns.

Upon misreading our SatNav, we ended up beside in supermarket, within the tight confines of its carpark. The new Reversing Assistant, which traces the path previously taken to a maximum of 50 meters, helped us get the large sedan out of this tight spot, and soon we were back on the road again.

As the roads straightened out, we flicked the 750d into “Comfort” mode, to take advantage of its plush ride qualities, as we make our way to the Czech border. Within minutes, we knew that we were entering the Czech lands, evident by the shorter Slavic names on their street signs, and the cables hanging from above which brings power to their trolley bus system.

As we roll into the grand market square of Hradec Králové, a city with a 800-year history, there is a mixed sense of sadness and awe. Sadness that our journey would come to an end here, and awe for the beautiful architecture which lines the cobble stoned streets.

The magnificent 7 Series which brought us here, visually sits so well with the backdrop of the surrounding rich architecture; its updated upright grille complemented by the L-shaped accent running along its side, and light strip which sits above new-slimmer brake lamps keeps the car fresh and current.

The cars will go on to continue through Central and Eastern Europe, and ending in Greece, taking on different groups of journalists with them. All this in a span of 23 days, and covering a distance of almost 5,000km.

Singapore gets:
BMW 730Li Pure Excellence - $415,888*
Capacity: 1,998 cc. l4
Output: 265 hp at 5,000 – 6,500 rpm.
Torque: 400 Nm at 1,550 – 4,500 rpm.
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h): 6.3 seconds.
Top speed: 250 km/h.
Combined fuel consumption: 7.1 L/100 km.
CO2 emissions: 163 g/km.

BMW 740Li Pure Excellence - $476,888*
BMW 740Li Pure Excellence ‘Visionary’ - $504,888*
Capacity: 2,998 cc. l6
Output: 340 hp at 5,500 – 6,500 rpm.
Torque: 450 Nm at 1,500 – 5,200 rpm.
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h): 5.6 seconds.
Top speed: 250 km/h.
Combined fuel consumption: 7.9 L/100 km.
CO2 emissions: 180 g/km.

BMW 745Le xDrive - $506,888*
Capacity: 2,998 cc. l6
Output: 210 kW/286 hp at 5,000-6,000 rpm.
Torque: 450 Nm at 1,500-3,500 rpm.
Electric motor – Rated output: 83 kW/113 hp, max torque: 265 Nm.
Combined output: 290 kW/394 hp, max combined torque: 600 Nm.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 5.1 seconds.
Top speed: 250 km/h.
Top speed (electric): 140 km/h.
Electric range: 50-54 km.
Fuel consumption combined: 2.6-2.3 L/100 km. 
Electric power consumption combined 16.3-15.8 kWh/100 km.
CO2 fuel emissions: 143 g/km.

*Prices accurate as at 16 July 2019

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