3 Reasons Why You Should Still Own A Car

Oneshift Editorial Team
25 Jul 2019

Demand for cars have taken somewhat of a tumble lately.  

This is due to any number of reasons, from the rise of ride share platforms to the looming economic downturn which has been brewing for a bit now. 

Yet, there is still something to be said about having your very own car, because there are very real pluses to car ownership despite the costs here. 

Let’s visit some of these benefits, which will hopefully sway you if you’re in two minds about it. 

1. Real convenience

The main reason for owning a car is the convenience of transport. 

A car is fundamentally still a means of moving you from somewhere to another where, but the landscape for mobility has shifted quite dramatically in the recent years. 

So, even though you could be easily chauffeured from your current whereabouts to your destination with a few taps on your phone, there are limitations. 

For example, home ownership in new towns that are further from the business districts are popular due to the lower costs compared to living in mature estates, but it sometimes does mean that you can’t get a ride as easily as you would if you were in town. 

There is almost no limitation to where you could go at what hour if you had only to grab your keys and walk to the carpark. 

This convenience is especially crucial if you have a family, because there are so many things that you need to do from school runs to grocery shopping to the occasional medical scare, especially for younger kids. 

 Add on elderly and aging parents who have increasingly limited mobility and it’ll be a challenge if you have to rely on public transport or ride sharing.

2. 7-seaters are popular for a reason

The 7-seater configuration has always been a popular choice here, because if you are going to buy a car, why not choose something that can carry more people? 

Precisely along those lines, having a 7-seater allows you to carry your spouse, kids, helper and grandparents all together. 

Okay maybe if you were to do all of that at the same time you’d need a van, but you get the idea. 

Moving the family at one go can be challenging if you don’t have a car that can do that, and can be worse if you have more than 2 kids plus a helper, which you’ll inevitably need, even if said helper was a grandparent. 

3. Haven

Think about this: you’ve had a hectic day at work, you argued with your boss over a small trifle that was pointless and wasted an hour of your time, your client calls and cancels the deal at the last minute. 

And it’s 8pm already, so you might as well call it a day and go home to lick your wounds. 

Would you rather be squashed around in the MRT or nauseated from the jerky bus ride or get in your car, crank up the aircon and your favourite playlist while cruising home?

You don’t even need a luxurious car to enjoy this simple sense of peace and be in a chillout space. Being in your own space without anyone else to annoy you is something everyone can appreciate after the scenario above, which is all too common in our stressful work culture. 

But if you had done well for yourself and can afford something with a bit more performance, it would just take your mind off the bad day as you accelerate on a clearer stretch of road, weave through the bendy bits with ease and maybe hear some pops and crackles as you lift off the throttle.

Of course, not all the reasons above are practical ones, but we work hard to give ourselves and our families a better life, so it perhaps does come down to whether you think sacrificing comfort and convenience of private transport in favour of something bigger, like that condominium you’ve been eyeing. 

That said, bear in mind that while demand is soft now, COE premiums are at stable and fairly low prices now, so it’s a good time to consider getting one now, since COE quota cuts are expected in the coming months and years, which may see premiums being driven upwards again.

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