Navigation - Marbella uNav All-In-One HD DVR Navigator

Marbella uNav All-In-One HD DVR Navigator

Launched October, the Morbella uNav is positioned as an in-car companion with integrated audio and video recording, above its navigation capabilities. It has on-board Audio Visual function that can support a reverse camera function and it also comes with a built-in 1.0-megapixel 720P HD camera which records video during driving. The camera records when the car is parked too to enhance security. Drivers can save some money by not purchasing an additional camera to attach onto the GPS or buy a separate in-car camera altogether.

On a five-inch wide touchscreen display, the uNav colours are bright and responsive to the touch. Its advanced 666MHz with Dual Core Ram processor also helps the uNav to load quicker. Other built-in features of the uNav include an FM transmitter and multi-media player so you can play music from the GPS through your in-car stereo.

Premium Outlet Locations: Autobacs, Courts, Gaincity, Harvey Norman, FairPrice Xtra

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Price: $269