The McLaren MP4-12C makes its local debut

Raymond Lai
2 Jun 2011

The innovative McLaren MP4-12C sets new performance standards for in Singapore’s sports car market

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McLaren Automotive's new high-performance sports car, the MP4-12C, was revealed in Singapore for the first time on the 2nd of June. The highly anticipated model from the British manufacturer was unveiled at a special event for prospective customers and media at the red dot design museum.

The innovative 12C is unique in the core segment of the sports car market. This two- seat, mid-engine model features a revolutionary one-piece, carbon-fibre chassis structure, the carbon MonoCell. It is the first time a car has featured a one-piece, carbon-fibre structure; a strong and lightweight engineering solution that comes straight from the world of motorsport where McLaren introduced this technology to Formula 1 in 1981.

The 12C has been developed to set new standards not just in handling, ride and performance, but also safety, economy and practicality in an already competitive sector. The 12C is equipped with a bespoke McLaren 3.8-litre, V8 twin-turbo engine producing 592 bhp, and driven through a unique McLaren seven-speed, Seamless Shift, dual-clutch gearbox (SSG). Yet when it comes to CO2 emissions per horsepower, the MP4-12C is even more efficient than a hybrid car.

At the unveiling of the company's debut model, Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive's design director said: "The 12C makes no secret of its close relationship with Formula 1 technology. At McLaren we have been building race and road cars for decades. With the 12C, we worked on incorporating the leading edge technologies that the McLaren Group has built up through the years. This project underlines our commitment to innovation, engineering, performance, safety and reliability. We have received amazing feedback from our prospective customers and I am sure the 12C will prove to be a great success."

Added Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive's Managing Director: "The overriding principle that has driven us to where we are today is that every car will be ‘pure' McLaren. This means that each and every component has been conceived, designed and produced to McLaren's specification to meet the extreme requirements of the 12C. There are no carryover components, because they were not good enough. Similarly, our test programmes, production processes and aftersales plans are also brand new and bespoke to McLaren. We have considered everything from a blank sheet of paper to be the best. Being "as good" as everyone else, is not good enough.

"Whether it's the revolutionary carbon MonoCell to the switchgear, or a desire to design cars that can be repaired more quickly and accurately than our competitors, we will deliver cars and a service to our customers of which we are personally proud.
"One fundamental result of this passion to produce a pure McLaren is that the 12C is what I call the ‘and' car. Compared to main rivals, it has better performance ‘and' is more fuel efficient; it is lighter ‘and' stronger, safer ‘and' fully equipped; it is smaller in its exterior dimensions ‘and' spacious inside; it has better handling ‘and' is more comfortable. As for the 12C's performance, efficiency is a key aim; efficiency in performance is a goal that we believe our customers will appreciate. With 600PS it is the most powerful car in its class, yet with a CO2 figures of just 279g/km, each horsepower is produced more efficiently than virtually any car on sale today featuring a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine," Sheriff concluded.

Ian Gorsuch, McLaren Automotive's Regional Director for the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, said: "We are thrilled to present the MP4-12C to the Singapore market. There has already been great interest in the 12C across the region, and Singapore is no exception. We are all looking forward to the first cars being delivered here from as early as the end of this year.

"Wearnes Automotive has been chosen to represent McLaren Automotive in Singapore based on its extensive experience in the luxury car market, heritage in retailing performance automobiles and a solid reputation for excellence in customer service", concluded Gorsuch.

Andre Roy, Group Managing Director of Wearnes Automotive, said, "The McLaren MP4-12C, developed with a commitment to innovative technology and with the company's foundations in Formula 1 racing, is one of the most significant super sports cars to ever be launched here. Wearnes Automotive is pleased to be a part of this special moment in Singapore's motoring history.

"Singapore is home to some of the region's most discerning automobile enthusiasts, and we have received fervent response for the striking McLaren sports car since news of our appointment broke earlier this year. We have every confidence that the MP4-12C is going to be a huge success here."

Wearnes Automotive is now part of a worldwide network of 35 McLaren retail outlets, and will start delivering the 12C from end 2011 onwards. Wearnes Automotive will also host a fully equipped official service centre with skilled technicians, specially trained at McLaren's headquarters in Woking, UK.

The 12C has received over 4,000 expressions of interest registered on with significant interest from car enthusiasts in Singapore.