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Peugeot’s new hatchback is surprisingly good. More...
Nissan's tongue-twister SUV gets a whole new baby power plant. Small, but impressive! More...
We’ve always known Alfas to be drop dead gorgeous but this latest 4C is the brand’s attempt to put some... More...

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Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Vs Peugeot 508 1.6
SGD 143,300
Fr. SGD 1,523/Mth
SGD 142,900
Fr. SGD 1,518/Mth
Car Review
Peugeot's best hatch ever.

COE Prices

COE Results For February 2015 - Round 2

CAT A: $57,199 Cat A COE price goes down 4,803
CAT B: $66,751 Cat B COE price goes down 4,139
CAT C: $53,202 Cat C COE price goes up 1,101
CAT E: $67,901 Cat E COE price goes down 4,020
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