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The spot we’re talking about is that sweet spot between hardcore off-road SUV and everyday soft roader. We find... More...
We’re taught that more is more but as the smaller A8L has proved, less is still more… More...
Mazda gives their sexy 6 the estate treatment. But has it lost all its wonderful driving dynamics in the... More...

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Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Vs BMW M Series M135i
SGD 136,800
Fr. SGD 1,454/Mth
SGD 131,800
Fr. SGD 1,400/Mth
Mercedes-Benz Vs Volvo S80 T5
SGD 194,888
Fr. SGD 2,071/Mth
SGD 199,000
Fr. SGD 2,114/Mth

COE Prices

COE Results For January 2015 - Round 2

CAT A: $65,001 Cat A COE price goes down 1,009
CAT B: $76,889 Cat B COE price goes up 1,600
CAT C: $55,012 Cat C COE price goes up 1
CAT E: $76,790 Cat E COE price goes up 1,590

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