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We’re taught that more is more but as the smaller A8L has proved, less is still more… More...
Mazda gives their sexy 6 the estate treatment. But has it lost all its wonderful driving dynamics in the... More...
The latest Lexus NX is a huge step forward for the brand and although it shares the same RAV4 platform, it looks, feels... More...

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Volkswagen Golf R Vs Lexus CT 200 Hybrid
SGD 228,800
Fr. SGD 2,431/Mth
SGD 230,000
Fr. SGD 2,444/Mth
Audi TT Coupe 2.0 Vs Lexus RX270 Sport
SGD 265,600
Fr. SGD 2,822/Mth
SGD 269,000
Fr. SGD 2,858/Mth

COE Prices

COE Results For January 2015 - Round 2

CAT A: $65,001 Cat A COE price goes down 1,009
CAT B: $76,889 Cat B COE price goes up 1,600
CAT C: $55,012 Cat C COE price goes up 1
CAT E: $76,790 Cat E COE price goes up 1,590

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