New Yokohama Tyre Range from YHI (Updated Pictures)

Posted by nikolaiski    9 May 2007
New Yokohama Tyre Range from YHI (Updated Pictures)
YHI Corporation Singapore has announced the arrival and addition to Yokohama's ".drive" series tyres - a new ", R1, and"

Set to take the market by storm based on customer requirements, the new Yokohama tyre range adds to the already successful, existing AVS dB, Aspec, Advan and Geolander series.
The first tyre, the, comes in as being the most comfortable tyre of the lot.
It is made for drivers who prioritise on economy and comfort, while still offering good levels of traction in the wet. It employs triple wide straight grooves for excellent water evacuation capabilities.

Based on a “Slim-Long” design for optimum road and tyre contact pressure, grip and water evacuation functions, a good side effect is that road noise is effectively reduced through advanced tyre noise simulation tests. R1

A higher performance version of the A. drive, the A drive R1, works as an excellent tyre that is good for lightweight sports cars and roadsters. It boasts excellent “on-centre” steering feel and response and an attractive sidewall design.

The is available in sizes from 13”-16” from Yokohama.

The C. drive is made for customers looking for an ultra long lasting tyre that is both comfortable and provides good traction in the wet. Their “full logic” asymmetrical tread pattern has quadruple straight grooves and an innovative tread block design that gradually reduces block rigidity from the outside to the inside, giving it a very wide performance range for the sports saloon.

Finally, the – only a stone’s throw away from the coveted Advan series. The S. drive features high performance characteristics for sportscar owners who wants good traction and high speed stability.

Here you find technologies such as the “Advanced Micro Flexible Compound” that copes with the constantly changing conditions of road surfaces. Compared to the original MF compounds, the new S. drive has the addition of extra silica that has further enhanced driving in the wet, while the extra polymer compounds have improved dry performance handling.

The S. drive has a new “high-style” fitting abilities to cater to a wide range of cars, from compacts to sports cars.

They come in “high inch” narrow width tyres for slender wheel housings as well.

The S. drive is rated “Y” for speeds of up to 300km/h.

All these tyres are available through the YHI Corporation of Singapore.

About YHI:

More than 30 years of age, the YHI Corporation of Singapore Pte Ltd is a subaidiary of YHI International Limited. They are the leading distributors of high quality automotive and industrial products, such as tyres, alloy wheels, automotive and industrial batters, golf and utility buggies.

The parent company, YHI International Limited, is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) on 3rd July 2003.

YHI also has 23 subsidiaries and associated companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Italy. There are 4 manufacturing plants in Shanghai, Suzhou China, Taoyuan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

They also distribute brands like Nankang, Nexen, Enkei, OZ, Konig and Advanti Racing.

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