F1: Royalty and Racing Legends present at John Button's funeral

Posted by Low Jek Ray      23 Jan 2014
F1: Royalty and Racing Legends present at John Button's funeral

A few weeks ago, Jenson Button’s Dad, John Button, passed away from a suspected heart attack at the age of 70. Jenson has bid a final farewell to his father, and he wasn’t alone; various royalty and racing legends came together to pay tribute to John Button at his funeral in Monaco as well. John has only missed one of Jenson’s 247 Grand Prix starts, and was present at the most significant times of Jenson’s career, including his first podium, first win and of course at Brazil in 2009, Jenson’s first World Championship title.

His service was attended by a whole host of royalty and legends, including the likes of Sir Frank Williams and the Prince and Princess of Monaco.

John and Jenson struggled through the early years of karting, with John having to prepare kart engines to pay for his son’s racing. One of their customers is Jenson’s former teammate’s father, Anthony Hamilton. Eventually, as he found success, sponsors took over and greatly assisted Jenson’s ascent into the world of Formula One.

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