With the booming market in China, it’s hard to forget that North America also represents a significant market for the German sports car maker. The grandeur of the Porsche booth is testament to that fact.
With the booming market in China, it’s hard to forget that North America also represents a significant market for the German sports car maker. The grandeur of the Porsche booth is testament to that fact.
The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary edition is the brand’s homage to its participation in the Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) for the past 50 years.
The Porsche 911 Carrera S 50th Anniversary edition features special ‘Fuchs’ design wheels and an interior that is unique to this variant.
The Panamera S E-Hybrid is a parallel plug-in hybrid. This means that it can be powered by the combustion engine alone, by the electric machine alone or by both units working together. In this way, it is able to exploit the power generated by both propulsion units.
A classic Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet guards the entrance to the Porsche stand.
Being the flagship model has its perks. The 918 Spyder sits alone in its own viewing gallery at the Porsche stand where potential buyers get to pore through every inch of this magnificent machine. Producing 887bhp from its hybrid drive system, it is the German’s response to the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1.
Outside the halls we spotted custom Porsche builder Magnus Walker’s own pride and joy in the parking lot.
The radical Porsche custom builder takes pride in his unique approach to breathing life into old 911s.
The sprawling hall of the L.A. Motorshow. On display here are the American manufacturers under one roof. Bar the Fiat booth which seemed out of place here.
On display were several classic muscle cars like this 1970s Dodge Challenger.
Next to it sat its modern day equivalent.
The all-new C7 Corvette Stingray that boasts 460bhp from its 6.2-litre V8.
The topless Corvette gets a set of radical exhaust pipes!
If you think the standard Camaro is a little too underwhelming, how bout the Z28? With a 7.0-litre LS7 V8 under the hood, this modern day muscle car packs 500bhp and was recently filmed spanking the Porsche 911 on the Nurburgring by lapping the ‘Ring’ in just 7:37.47. Ahead of the Porsche 911 Carrera S and Lamborghini LP640.
The matt white paint finish is unique to the Z28.
The Cadillac booth fronted by the ELR.
The Elmiraj is a design exercise that embodies the essence and philosophies of the brand. More than just a showroom concept, the car is powered by a 4.5-litre V8 with two snails bolted to it for good measure to bring the bhp numbers up to 500.
Here’s one for the soccer mom with a taste for horsepower. The CTS-V Wagon pumps out a healthy 560bhp that will make sure your kids get to school on time!
This stealth looking CTS-V Coupe features the same engine as in the Wagon with similar horsepower figures. The yellow calipers do come off gimmicky though.
A special one off Ford Mustang GT500 that was built for Need for Speed.
Import brands under a separate hall from the domestics.
The Honda FCEV Concept is the brand’s concept for a fuel cell production vehicle that they are aiming to introduce to the US and Japanese market by 2015. The car has a range of 482km on a single tank of hydrogen.
This ridiculously wide-bodied Lexus DevianArt IS350 was created by artist Robert Evans as part of a contest that was held in the US. The prize for his gorgeous work? A year spent with a Lexus IS-F!
Despite having been around for a number of years now, the LFA still garners quite a bit of attention at the Motorshow. Mostly due to its rarity. This example here is probably a customer vehicle considering its serial number is in the 4## range.
The data sheet for Ken Gushi’s drift machine…
Stripped, lightened and hopped up with a super wide body kit, this GT86 is probably one of the maddest in existence.
The car screams ‘POWEERRRRRR’ which ever angle you view it from.
The wide body stance and the integrated diffusers adds to the menacing stance of this once humble Toyota/Scion.
The 2JZ motor from the Supra is infamous for producing bonkers amount of power from some proper tuning development. Making this GT86 the dream machine for drifters. Max power packed into a light body.
KG’s GT86 bears almost no resemblance to the original car with its interior totally stripped out for ‘business’ only.
Photo story: L.A. Motorshow 2013 Part 1
The L.A. Motorshow is one of the premier Motorshows on the international automotive calendar. Our man in the loop brings you the highlights direct from Los Angeles. 
Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline direct from Los Angeles, USA - posted 26 Nov 2013
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