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Categorically an A Tourer

We tested the 1.4 litre Touran some time back, and we did like how it drove, and how well screwed together the compact MPV was. With the power curbs on our category A COEs for cars above 130bhp, the 1.4 petrol might fall out of reach to some. The 1.6 turbodiesel delivers power sub-120bhp, but has the same maximum torque as its petrol stablemate (and torque is important here).
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
06 Sep 2017
Another plus, are the 17” rims, with not-so-thin 215/55 tyres...
What we like:
Well built
diesel engine gives range
drives well
What we dislike:
Could have a little more space at the rear
drive can be unexciting (its an MPV after all)

It certainly feels like a taller Golf Variant, for those who are familiar with the car. The 1.6 turbocharged diesel offers a lower 113bhp compared to the 1.4 engined version but the 250Nm of torque from a low-down 1,500rpm, delivers the same pull that you need from the lights, unfortunately as per many smaller turbo diesel engines, torque bands are usually narrower than their petrol counterparts, and the diesel Touran does run out of it at 3,250rpms instead of 3,500rpms on the petrol engine. Why this is important, because we drive within this range, and maximum on-tap torque is important, especially when the car you drive is built to haul a load. Fuel economy is a very good combined 22.7km/l.

In Volkswagen fashion, the seven-speed DSG transmission swops cogs quick and with just minimal (if any) loss of power, and also importantly, keeps the turbocharger nicely spooled.

The Touran does handle decently well, with generally less body roll than say the Renault Grand Scenic we did a test on a while ago. Another plus, are the 17” rims, with not-so-thin 215/55 tyres, which does offer enough air between the rims and tyre surface, providing more comfort than its French rival, which utilises 20” units… good for looks, bad for ride comfort, and heavier on the pocket when it comes to buying a set of new tyres.

While many policies when introduced might just go about spoiling something good, like the power cap on the category A COE, new Vehicle Emissions Scheme which kicks off next year, that will undoubtedly see an increase in car prices; and the more recent Euro 6 compliance, which resulted in many cars being taken off the shelf, since they do not meet the stricter emissions standards.

Our Thoughts

The diesel powered Touran has found its place for now to deliver the goods, in a market already saturated with compact MPVs, while still being a little more reachable in terms of cost.


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Volkswagen Touran Comfortline 1.6 TDI EQP (DSG) 2017

Volkswagen Touran Comfortline 1.6 TDI EQP (DSG) 2017

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