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YHI Launches Three New Tyres From Yokohama: ADVAN NEOVA AD09, Advan Sport V107, BluEarth-RV RV03

At YHI’s Dealers’ Night 2021/2022, the tyre distributor unveiled three new tyres from Yokohama which will be on sale at its dealers very soon - the beautiful Street Sport ADVAN NEOVA AD09 tyre, the ADVAN Sport V107 for high-performance and luxury cars, and lastly the BluEarth-RV RV03 tyres for family cars including MPVs and SUVs. 
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
18 Jul 2022

Here is a lowdown about each tyre and the major improvements from its predecessors.


The AD08 was in production since 2008, and almost a decade later the AD09 arrives as a new challenger in the ‘ultra high performance tyre’ (UHPT) category. Compared to before, the AD09 now also targets the ‘prestige’ category which includes cars like the Nissa GT-R, Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman, 911 GT3 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.

It has a new tread pattern which was developed exclusively for the AD09. Wide wavy grooves enable enhanced drainage performance, while improved pattern rigidity through wide shoulders and greater road contact area ensure enhanced performance in the dry. There is a smoother block edge and the groove angle has been fine tuned.

With a special tooling process in the tyre molds, the AD09 also features a stylish dark design on its sidewall. 

15-20 inch sizes are available.

Compared to its V105 predecessor, the V107 has made major improvements in wet braking, handling and stability, dry braking and stability as well as comfort.

ADVAN Sport V107

It has a new structure consisting of a high rigidity cover, a new asymmetrical pattern as well as a new profile. It is accredited for use as a standard tyre in the Mercedes-Benz GLA/GLB, GLE/GLS, the BMW iX and even the M3/M4.


Similar to the AD09, the V107's sidewall also features high contrast darkened design that improves visibility and also creates an attractive design.

It is available in 18-23 inch sizes, offering much larger sizes than the other two tyres here.

BluEarth-RV RV03

Made for grand touring family vehicles, the RV03 focuses on improved mileage and silent performance.


In particular it has made improvements in wear resistance as well as road noise for the 1st row, 2nd and 3rd row seats. Its pattern has anti-wobble and low noise characteristics, while giving good wet performance and mileage. It is available in 15-20 inch sizes.



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