How to renew your COE in Singapore?

Michelle Lim
2 May 2018

How to renew your COE in Singapore?

Since renewing COE is a highly daunting task, with all the information and necessary paperwork, we seek to consolidate all the information that you need into this step-by-step guide to help you through renewing your COE.

Before that, you may wish to first read the 8 things you need to know before renewing your COE.

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There are three ways that you can go about to renew your COE by completing the application and paying the PQP to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Do note the time frame for the application to go through for each of these modes. 

1. By Internet

In today’s technological world, this is probably the preferred way to extend your vehicle’s COE. To pay the PQP online, you will need a valid Internet banking account with either:

-       DBS/POSB

-       OCBC/Plus!

-       Citibank

-       Standard Chartered Bank

-       UOB 

Ensure that you have sufficient funds in the account and the payable amount is within your daily Internet payment limit. 

2. By Post 

If you choose to pay the PQP by post, you will need to ensure that it is done at least two weeks before your COE expiry date. For whichever PQP period that you decide to renew, the application form and payment should also reach LTA by the end of the month of that PQP period. 

As such, the application date is the date in which LTA receives the application. They would also take the earlier date as to deciding the PQP payable (date of application vs COE expiry date).

3. At LTA Customer Service Centre

Should you decide to head to the LTA Customer Service Centre, you can choose to pay via cheque, cash, cashier’s order, Diners Club Card, or NETS. Again, for the last two payment options, you will need to ensure that the payment does not exceed your daily transaction limit.

For cheque payments, the COE will only be renewed upon the clearance of the cheque. Should the cheque be dishonoured, there will also be an administration fee levied to process the dishonoured cheque and to cancel your COE renewal application.

For payments made during the 1-month grace period, only cash, cashier’s order or NETS payment is allowed and an additional late payment fee will be imposed. 

Road Tax Surcharge

All is not complete after paying the PQP; you will still need to pay your road tax surcharge. The road tax surcharge increases by 10 per cent each year after your first 10-year period up to your 14th year of having the vehicle. Subsequently, you will have to pay a 50 per cent surcharge every year up till the end of your COE term. 

This would mean that you will pay an additional $120 for the road tax (about $1200) of your Nissan Teasan 2.0A after the 10th year, and $600 when it hits the 15th year mark. 

Car Insurance

Besides renewing your COE, you will also need car insurance to keep you covered in the event of any incidents. Rather than just renewing your car insurance, this is also a good time for your to reassess your options as there may be more compelling policies than what you have purchase a decade ago. Oneshift can help you get a free non-obligatory car insurance quote to save you all that time taken for research.

With all these, we are sure that the daunting task for renewing your COE doesn’t seem that challenging now. So now that COE is at an all-time low, what are you waiting for?

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