Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI COD S Tronic Review
Near Quintessential Sweet Spot

2 Aug 2018

Audi dared to challenge the norm and the result is origami-like creases in its sheet metal

There are times when you adjust the volume on your somewhat expensive sound system, only to realise that a volume control with some kind of notched indexing might not be the best way to build a volume control knob, since the perfect volume might just rest on the bump between two notches. Strangely that would be the sweet spot…

And there is the Audi Q2. Now available as a lesser-kitted turbocharged 1.4 litre, with non-“Sport” trim. So in essence, it looks just like the 1.0 we tested, but with a 1.4 litre…. Like the one we also tested. So its the cheaper 1.4 alternative...

Meaning body coloured lower door protectors and wheel arch trim makes way for more conventional matt black treatment; frosted silver bumper trim and faux protective bits are also presented in the same matt black. But we love how well the trim has been executed, with the car still coming across as satisfyingly premium in appearance.

Audi dared to challenge the norm and the result is origami-like creases in its sheet metal, and they have even allowed a small level of personalisation, by way of the customisable side blade covering the C-pillar. The chunky styling also steps away from their conventional range of SUVs, yet there are some design cues which ties the car back to what’s best described as current “Audi Design Language”; which includes their large hexagonal grille, and rear dynamic turn signals to name a few. Little touches like spoilers sculpted into the tail lamps, and a panelled underbody, adds to the Q2’s relatively slippery 0.30 drag coefficient.

The optional 17” rims on our test car seem a better fit in filling the wheel arches.

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