Porsche 911 Carrera T PDK Review
Collective Soul

22 Oct 2018

Raw, with plenty of feels to your behind as you take it around the bends

An interesting fun fact… There are 24 different Porsche 911 cars in the market, from different variants of Cabriolets, Targas and Coupes, Carrera or non-Carrera. All with different amounts of power, but with fundamentally with the same base design principals, a flat-six at the rear, with a rear-mid weight balance.

The Carrera T is a spiritual reincarnation of the original 911 T which was introduced in 1968, a time when their engines were still air-cooled and pushrods (which made that distinctive clatter) were still available in some of their other car’s engines.

The Carrera T may not have that air-cooled richness in character and such, but the guys at Stuttgart have always had the knack for taking their obsession with their rear-engined car quite a bit further. And in the case of the Carrera T, Porsche had installed lightweight glass for their rear and side windows. Door openers too have been simplified into lightweight fabric loops. After all, shaving grams makes for a quicker car, even if you have just had a Porterhouse steak.

So Where Do I Pin This Car On The Porsche 911 Model Chart?

The Carrera T sits in-between the “vanilla” Carrera and the Carrera S, forming part of a 9-car line-up in the Carrera range.

Placing myself behind the wheel, I quickly knew that with its slight minimalist approach, and the way it drove and referencing it to the various 911 models we tried out in the safe confines of Sepang, that this car was rather close to the GT3 in delivering its drive. Raw, with plenty of feels to your behind as you take it around the bends, and with all the power going through just the rear wheels, and all this for a less costly price tag. Its 4-way electric sports seats are lined with Sport-Tex fabric, with the 911 moniker stitched into them. Bucket seats are also available as an added cost option for the first time.

Apart from the rear, sans a fixed wing like all Carreras, the Carrera T can be defined by its Agate Grey Metallic wing mirrors and its 20 inch Titanium Grey rims. What you may not see is the effects of the PASM sports chassis, which lowers the car by 20mm. Porsche has also made its excellent rear-axle steering system an optional extra on the car, and it is by the way the only one within the Carrera range to receive this option.

Its signature format flat-six engine with a displacement of 3 litres is good for 370hp, 130hp less than the naturally aspirated 4.0 found in the GT3. Maximum twist of 450Nm is experienced from 1,750rpm, with its expansive torque band stretched to 5,000rpm; ensuring excellent drivability at any engine speed. With a mechanical deferential lock and shorter rear-axle gear ratio, the Carrera T delivers its century sprint in a very pleasant 4.2 seconds. Its quick-shifting Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission ensures gear changes are seamless, and the results show, with the automatic a narrow 0.3 seconds quicker to the 100 km/h mark than the seven-speed manual version.

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