BYD e6 Review
Ready For Takeoff

khim yap
6 Aug 2019

Not only does it sound like the car is about to takeoff, because of the car’s massive amount of torque, it also feels like it is about to takeoff!

Electric cars are really taking off in a huge way in Singapore. There are increasing numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads, and there are more and more charging stations available at buildings and malls all over Singapore now. Car manufacturers recognise the rising growth in the popularity of EVs, and that’s why they’ve invested into launching more models of EVs into the market.

One such car manufacturer is BYD (Build Your Dreams). Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, they are the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world. So much so that they’ve got the largest market share of Nickel-cadmium batteries, Li-ion batteries worldwide. It’s no surprise then that the company would use their expertise to create their own electric car.

The BYD e6 is a zero-emission vehicle and with its regenerative braking system, it’s able to travel up to 400km on one full charge. You can drive the car to any of the more than 120 charging stations all around Singapore and charging time can be completed within two hours.

The biggest motivation for anyone buying an EV is most certainly the desire to save the Earth to minimise the damage to the environment as much as possible. If this is your concern, then you’ll be happy to know that the BYD e6 releases zero emissions and does not pollute the environment during driving. Even during the production of the BYD Iron Phosphate Battery, there’s no pollution and zero emissions. What’s more, waste batteries can be recycled, and this helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Specifications for the e6 state that the car’s Iron Phosphate Battery will last at least 4,000 cycles (one cycle= one full charge and full discharge). And so even with a very high-use assumption of one charge cycle per day, the battery will still work for at least 10 years.

The body shape of the e6 is more of a crossover; it looks like a cross between an SUV and a large hatch. With its tall stance, the e6 offers good visibility for the driver. It feels spacious, and the car offers 450 litres of cargo carrying capacity in the boot.

Safety features wise, it is very basic in that it only comes with two airbags, Electronic Stability Program, Hill Hold Control and Hydraulic Brake Assist.

As expected, trim levels inside the car are also very basic and non-premium. It doesn’t wow, but neither does it disappoint either. What I did find disappointing was the car’s sound system. Sound quality was below average and lacklustre.

For a petrolhead, electric cars are always a different kettle of fish. I find the sensation of starting an EV to be very strange. There’s no sound of cranking and no roar of the engine coming to life… it all just sounds so clinical and about as engaging as flicking on a light switch in your living room.

On the e6, what I found to be even less engaging is when you are putting the car into gear. The e6 is a single speed automatic, and so gear-selection wise, there’s pretty much just forwards or reverse. But its the tactile feel or the lack thereof that really bothers me. Putting the car into gear has as much feel as moving an arcade joystick around.

The Drive
Top speed on the e6 is an adequate 140km/h, and the e6’s maximum power output is at 121hp (90kW). The car really shines with its torque numbers, churning out a massive 450Nm of torque! To put things into perspective, that’s more torque than the current BMW 330i (400Nm) which is roughly double the cost of the e6! Electric cars are known to have high levels of torque because of the way their engines work, and this is also what makes driving them fun. The torque comes on instantaneously, and you’ll feel the pull right away when you step on the pedal.

But stepping on the accelerator, is also when you’ll hear a whirring whine from the engine that’s similar to what you hear when you are sitting in an aeroplane that’s about to takeoff. Not only does it sound like the car is about to takeoff, because of the car’s massive amount of torque, it also feels like it is about to takeoff!

Braking and handling on the car is adequate, and despite the car’s tall stance, cornering on the car is better than expected. The suspension feels firm but not unpleasantly so.

Our Thoughts
If you want to buy an environmentally-friendly car that’s also big, spacious and still offers plenty of pickup and grunt then the e6 will be a good consideration for you. At S$129,888* (inclusive of COE), you’ll get a car that’ll give you close to 400kms on one charge and charging can be completed in under 2 hours.

*All information accurate as at 1 August 2019

In Summary

We Like

Zero emissions, massive amount of torque, long range of 400km

We Don't

Whirring whine from the engine, poor sound system


The BYD e6 is an environmentally-friendly car that’s also big, spacious and offers plenty of pickup and grunt.  

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Engine Type Inline 4
Power 121bhp
Torque 450Nm
Power to Weight 50 bhp per ton


Acceleration 140s (0-100 km/h)

Misc Technical Data

Drive Type FF
Steering Electric


Body Type 5 Door Hatch
(L x W x H)
(4560 x 1822 x 1630) mm
Wheelbase 2830 mm
Turning Circle 11.4 metres
Kerb Weight 2420 kg
Boot Capacity 450 L