Porsche Panamera Diesel Review
Six pack

Story and photos by Azfar Hashim
12 Dec 2012

A diesel Porsche that passes off as its V8 brethren. Hmmm...

Introduction, exterior

Hearing stories of Singaporean drivers clocking high mileage on a daily basis is just a rarity. It might come across as a myth even.

But ask around and I’m sure you can find one. And no, clocking 150 km a day doesn’t even qualify. By the way, cab drivers do not qualify here too.

Well, I know of a certain individual who clocks 600-odd kilometers thrice a week: he’s no cab driver, he’s no delivery driver but on the plus side, he does such runs in a 2.5-litre German sedan. 

Wondering what he does? Manage the family’s factory in Melaka and Malaysian office in the heart of KL. 

Let’s call this character Mr. X. Mr. X’s current car is only two years old, but has already clocked close to 180,000 km. It’s running fine (according to him), but there’s one issue he still can’t seem to get over: the rather high petrol consumption. And recently - although it’s his family’s business - he was told by the accountant to find ways to lower his petrol costs. Ahh… Those penny-pinchers.

Previously, Mr. X was considering a diesel SUV - but no thanks to the unfavourable tax structure, he dismissed that option almost immediately.

So now that he is ready to change and the newly restructured diesel tax will be kicking in very soon, any savvy buyer like himself will do it: look at the diesel options available.

And here’s the first very good option: Porsche’s Panamera Diesel.

If you’re like Mr. X, you should continue reading. 

Even painted in white, rather than the usual black, the Panamera proves to be far prettier and better proportioned than, say, an S-Class. It’s also imposing even by lux sedan standards, sitting at 4,970 mm long, 1,931 mm wide and 1,418 mm tall.

Badges nestling under the wing mirrors serve as reminders that this is the diesel variant; the second model in Porsche’s range to get this lump after the Cayenne. Other than those subtle badge, everything else looks similar to its petrol brethren: 19-inch alloys wrapped in 255/35 R-19 front and 285/40 R-19 rear Michelin Pilot Sport rubbers, automatic spoiler, LED tail lamps and even Xenon headlamps.

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