Image before Sense, or Cents?

Text by Andy Hum. Photos by Amery Reuben
10 Nov 2007

If you are one of those who have always wondered what it would be like to be driving an enormous, fuel-guzzling, and loud and growling SUV, well, it’s rather enjoyable.For an audio recording of the delightfully throbbing exhaust note, click here

The engineers at BMW have managed to wrap this new X5 around their truly mighty 4.8-litre V8 engine. Digging deep into the roads and having no qualms about kicking up chunks of tarmac with its 355 bhp and testosterone-teasing 475 Nm of torque, BMW claims it can get you to a hundred in 6.5 seconds. Plus, it weighs 2,325 kg (with third row seats), mind you. What we tested, however, was a more disappointing run in the high 7 seconds with a driver and one passenger.

If you were doing some spring cleaning, happened to find $348,800 hidden under the couch and have no loans or overdraft to bother with, you might want to consider this, simply because it’s just the big boy’s (with equally big wallets) toy.

And if you already have one and are on your way to testing out manufacturer’s claims on acceleration figures, you might want to drop by that new KPE tunnel. Although its noise could do with more bass, the aural notes never fail to tingle your spine and make the hair on your arms want to leap out in fright.

Let me put it this way. If you have one of these and you appreciate some fine sounds from its engine, take it through that new tunnel. Three thousand plus motorists getting fined for speeding in its opening six days? Whatever. It would still be worth it because after you drive it through, the tunnel walls might cave in, the ceiling would collapse (together with all their fancy speed cameras) and then you probably won’t have to worry about being caught for anything.

Then again, maybe not that dramatically. (ed. Not as much as the drama involved, trying to open up the bonnet)

But trust us, buy one and the best way to inaugurate this new baby into your life would be to blast it through the noisy cave. Oh, and of course, don’t speed. It’s supposed to be the number one killer, or something like that.

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