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Impeccable build quality - that's what the Roomster has

The exterior outlook is something we’ve never seen this side of the competition - true, it has that minivan bit but somewhat makes you want to take a second look and ask yourself "what the hell on earth is that?!". It’s nicely curved at all the right places and just combines both cool and functionality altogether. A stylish feature it has is the vertical door catch for the rear – nicely flushed with the rear passenger windows, it gives off that “I-look-like-a-coupe” vibe when viewed from the front or rear three-quarter angle. Now, if anyone ever wants to combine the outlook of a minivan with coupe-like side profile and make it look functional all at the same time, the Roomster will be one precise example…The SX-4 comes close to the Roomster in terms of exterior appeal all thanks to its butch design, while the Doblo’s too square and the Colt Plus looks somewhat...errm...dated.

At 2,617mm, the Roomster has the longest wheelbase compared to the Doblo (2,583mm), Colt Plus (2,500mm) and SX-4 (2,500mm). And this leads to the Roomster having the most spacious interior space, which at the same time, allows flexibility if you’re talking about seating configuration. There’s eight different configurations to play around with, and you can either do it by folding the seats or simply by removing it out of the car – something the other three can only dream of having. It also resulted to a generous legroom for the rear passengers, ensuring that the Roomster can accommodate anyone of any height and stature - heck, unless you're an ostrich.

It has the second shortest width (1,684mm) among the lot, but surprisingly, it has adequate shoulder room for three adults at the back. Not only that, with all seats upright, there’s still more than enough boot space for you to lug around all your barang-barang. After all, it's a lifestyle vehicle.

Impeccable build quality - that's what the Roomster has. Some will find it bare, but once you notice these - gaps that are neat and consistent, doors that open wide and close solid, and seats that are not overly padded – you’ll realize everything is top notch in there. The Roomster is made up of high quality plastic – something cars churned out from the Volkswagen Group is always synonymous with. With the vast usage of glass around, the car has an airy and roomy feeling.

If you’re the sort who prefers fanciful interior design, the Roomster’s might not appeal to you – the SX-4 and Colt Plus has that covered. But if quality, utility and practicality are the main concerns, the Roomster’s will surely impress. Oh, and the air-con does a good job of cooling the interior too – useful for climate like ours.


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