De-Registering Your Car, How it is Done

clifford chow
6 Sep 2016

De-Registering Your Car, How it is Done

Unfortunately for us, COEs determine the lifespan of our cars. Short of doing a renewal, to extend the life of the car, cars here must be de-registered and scrapped or exported.

I know, many of us car-lovers have personified our cars, they have become a part of our lives, but once time has about run out, how do you deal with scrapping?

I’ll Do it Myself!                                        

Firstly, you will need to obtain a Transaction Pin here from e-Services@one.motoring, using your Singpass to log in. The Transaction Pin allows you to do a number of things, like transferrence of ownership of your vehicle, transfer of Preferental Additional Registration Fee (PARF) or for a rebate in COE. In this case, the pin would be used for the De-registration of your vehicle.

Additionally, you will need to print a de-registration form (D01). Lastly, you would need to head down to a scrapyard appointed by the LTA to have scrapping arranged. It is always good to contact them in advance, in order to see if you are able to obtain a good value for your car body. There are currently 5 appointed scrapyards which you are able to have your vehicle sent to, which can be found here. Don’t forget to bring some spare change for cab fare, as these scrapyards are situated in far-away areas. You will be provided a proof of disposal from the scrapyard, which you will need to have sent back to LTA for processing.

Car Dealers but Who?

There are plenty out there, who will offer services to you. For a fee off the return value of the car for their services, you will be able to have them assist you in the de-registering and scrapping process. This method proves easier, as there is less hassle, as you will be guided through the steps needed.

Back in 2007, CASE worked out a new accreditation system which was designed to build trust between consumers and dealers with good business practices. A list of accredited motor dealers can be found here.

Alternatively, you may post your request to let go of your car, utilising our SWIFTQUOTE tool, to attain a good price for your car.

What Do I Get Back in Return?

You will be able to reclaim the following from your scrapped car.

1) The paper value, which is the remaining PARF value of the car. You will then need to encash the rebate with LTA. To know how to do it, follow this link. Car dealers will be able to do that for you, but for a fee.

2) For some cases, the physical body of the car might hold a value due to demand for the parts.

3) If there is any valid Road Tax remaining.

4) If you have scrapped the car before the insurance coverage has ended, you will get a rebate from your insurance company. But be sure to also provide proof that you have scrapped your car if doing this on your own.

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