Car of the Year 2008

Welcome to our annual Car of the Year awards page! COTY is an annual event conducted by our panel of judges to decide on the best car that come into Singapore during the year. There are six categories this year, with 30 cars vying for the category winner and also the Car of the Year award.

For this year, our theme will be “Down to earth awards for the people's car” and the car which is deemed most value for money will be this year's winner. However, for this year's contest, we would like our readers to participate in this event by voting for the car you think should win this award!

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COTY 2008 Articles
Find out more about how we conduct the Car of the Year contest and read about our last year winner!
We explain how we rate the cars for the Car of the Year award.
It has been a year since we awarded Volkswagen's Golf GTI as 2007 car of the year. And during this span of the past year, many newer and stronger competitions have sprung into the market to contend for the throne. Further, with the new Mark VI Golf GTI coming just round the corner; let's take one last glance at the Mark V Golf GTI before it rides on to join it's forefathers.
We had a tough time deliberating who goes into the Car of the Year table for 2008. After finalising our collective choices, we got you, our readers to vote. And we have to 'fess up though, that it was exciting to view the poll everyday - you did your part so well at voting, that even we can't seem to have a rough idea who will win each category. Now that we at, and you our dear readers have done your part, we proudly present to you all the category winners...
Surprise, surprise - the Audi A4 TFSI came up tops in the combined Judge's and Reader's Polls...
Qualifiers for 2008
Our Car of the Year Award is an annual event conducted by our editorial team to honour the best cars that came into Singapore during the year. We have six categories:
  1. Hatchbacks
  2. Compacts
  3. Executive sedans
  4. SUVs
  5. MPVs
  6. Performance cars
Each category has five nominees. For each category, the cars were scored by our judges using the following criteria:
  1. Engine Performance
  2. Handling Characteristics
  3. Design
  4. Build Quality
  5. Price
Each car which qualified for its category fulfilled the following requirements:
  1. The car was introduced into the Singapore market not more than one year ago.
  2. The car was not selected for previous COTY exercises.
  3. The car has been tested by our editorial team.
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