Read more about the judges that worked tirelessly to rate every single one of the 30 contestants we have! Most of them should be familiar to you while we also have external judges coming from other backgrounds such as design to help contribute to a more even contest.
Azfar Hashim, Editor
Not exactly young (but short) , our Editor (we call him “Ed” in the office by the way) is an experienced car buff in short (that's why he's the Editor) . In this life, he has only two passions - cars (and of course everything else related to cars) and photography. Food is secondary. While growing up, it was his dad who fuelled his love for cars – his ol' man was always buying scale models, and teaching him as many car stuff as possible. He's in no means a driving god – preferring to take things slowly and safely, he reckons he's the slowest driver in the local auto scribe fraternity. Unless he's out loose on the tracks…
Jarvis Seo, Writer
He reads – about cars. He photographs – about cars. He talks – about cars. He doodles – about cars. As you can see, he has a very deep love for anything about cars. Quiet he may seem, he seeks solace in taking long drives in his blue sedan. And at the same time, he's the safest driver among us all. His motto in his (motoring) life? “I'll drive anything that moves”. He's not kidding though – he doesn't mind being a cab driver for a day, then a bus driver for the next day, and then a delivery driver for another day (you get the drift) . And then write about it too.

Jeremy Chua, Writer
The Rainman of cars - that's what Jeremy's wife calls him. Why? That's because even by a glance of the side mirror, headlight, or a picture of a car's dashboard is enough for him to identify a car. He can rattle off figures and details about a car, as long as he's read about it - and yes, he reads a lot (about cars, what else?) . Driving is his passion - whether it's cruising along the ECP or tackling curves, he delights in the thrill of being in the driver's seat. After all, what else can you expect from someone, who, at 4-years-old already wished he had longer legs to reach the car's pedals...
Colin Choo, Guest Judge
An architect by profession, some might recognise him as the one and only Singaporean shortlisted in the Peugeot Design Contest 2008. So that makes him a highly-qualified person to specially assess the cars' design on our COTY 2008 list (ok, so he's the only one who understands design very well among us here) . He also happens to have a penchant for cars, particularly sedans that go fast. During his free time, he'll be sketching new metal on wheels and pondering what new design direction is being taken, and what we can expect plying the roads in the future. So in a nutshell, you can't separate cars and design with him. .
Raymond Lai, Contributor
If a new car has just been launched, you can expect him to be among the first few to get his hands on it. He has driven almost everything you can think of, from sedans to SUVs, MPVs to sportscars, and even race cars - which is no surprise as to why he's a respected figure in our local industry. Besides being a walking automotive encyclopaedia, he's also a Formula 1 fanatic, always up to date with latest news from the sports - which should explain why he's accredited by the FIA. As you can see, his quiet persona hides many secrets. He also has his mood swings, but thankfully, we've been seeing his good side most of the time.
C.K Lim, Contributor
Ask him anything about geography, and you can rest assure you'll get an answer. C.K, our specialist in the field of luxury sedans and sports cars, lives and breathes anything with four wheels. Another seasoned serial typist in our local motoring industry, his other penchant includes (not surprisingly) food – he knows where to find the best food on our island (and now you know why we say he's good in geography) . Two things you must know about C.K – firstly, he's very camera-shy and secondly, he has a large collection of old automotive magazine hidden off prying eyes somewhere in his house…