Car of the Year 2011
  • car of the Year 2011
    The Car of the Year 2011 Awards features 44 cars vying for top honours in 12 different categories. To qualify, these cars must have been in the Singapore market for no more than a year, have not been selected for any previous Car of the Year Award line-ups, and has been driven or will be driven by our editorial team this year.
  • Read More of the Cars
    We've driven countless cars over this year - some good, some bad, some ugly. But there are some special ones out there that put a smile on our face months after we've returned the keys. Here are your Oneshift Car of the Year 2011 nominees.

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  • Vote Now!
    These are the list of our contestants for car of the year award. For each category, vote for the cars you think should deserve the Car of the Year award and the one car with the highest score combined (your vote plus the judges score) will be our car of the year 2011!

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  • The Judges
    Read more about the judges that worked tirelessly to rate every single one of the 44 contestants we have! Most of them should be familiar to you while we also have external judges coming from other backgrounds such as design to help contribute to a more even contest.

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Car of the Year 2011