This year we have 57 cars vying for top honours in 13 different categories and a special bonus category.
Having driven numerous cars in our road tests this year, our editorial team has their work cut out to pick the best of each category. Car of the Year 2012

2012 came has come and almost gone. It’s been a busy year for us test driving the long list of cars launched this year.
And for every new model, there were several different variants that came with it – different-sized engine, different equipment list and more importantly, different prices to appeal to a larger audience. After all, that’s the point of churning out new models: to garner mass market appeal and in turn generate huge sales volumes.
Like the year before, it’s the European makes that are still actively introducing new models into our market. Audi, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen have all lavished us with extravagant launches of their latest models.
But that’s not to say the Asian makes have remained quiet. Lexus held an extensive campaign to launch their latest GS. Toyota wasn’t left behind either: the arrival of the highly-anticipated 86 also saw Toyota taking a step up with getting more involved in local motorsports events.
To be clear, Oneshift’s commitment to integrity is the highest priority. We ensure each and every car we review gets just that: a proper, informative and constructive review. We take cars out, spend days with it, learn its strengths and weaknesses, ensure enough photographs accompany every review (as they say, a picture paints a thousand words) and present it to you.
You will be surprised with the mileage we clock with every car and the amount of time spent on each photo-shoot.
After all, you do need that extra piece of advice, a second opinion, before you sign on the dotted line. Cars are a luxury here in Singapore, so that’s what we are here for: to ensure you make an informed decision.
We have driven many, many cars. Most are worthy of your hard earned money, while some leave us with less than positive impressions. And there are those that have us begging the showrooms for more drive time.


Keeping with the tradition of a COTY theme, this year is no different.
For this years’ theme, it is simply “Price equals worthiness”. We put its specification, packaging, driving capability as a whole and lastly value for money, before confirming a winner in each category.
With COE staying at an all-time high and car prices all set to also stay this way, what we really want to give you is a winner that’ll be worth every penny.

The Categories

This year we have a total of 57 cars divided into 13 categories.
The categories are:
As a bonus, we also have a special category for the “Best sound”. To celebrate the car that gave us the best aural experience this year.