Coupe Of The Year 2012, Toyota 86 2.0 S (M)

This is the most highly anticipated coupe in Singapore this year. Not only is it the spiritual successor to the AE86 (of Initial D fame), it is also the only rear-wheel drive coupe to have come from Japan in a very long time. The fact that itís readily available with a manual transmission makes it all that much more appealing to driving enthusiasts.
The 86 has an attractive body, a driver-centric cockpit and a drivetrain that ticks all the right boxes. Some might opine that it lacks grunt under the hood, but the Chief Engineer of this car, Tetsuya Tada, decided that owners of the 86 should be left to their own devices and creativity to personalize the car when aftermarket products start appearing on the market.
Even in stock form, this coupe has already garnered rave reviews from the international motoring community. This coupled with our own thoughts on the car made it an easy decision to announce it as the Coupe of the Year.