High Performance Car

High Performance Car Of The Year 2012, Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 GT FSI quattro (A)

High Performance Car
It draws admiring glances everywhere it goes, especially so when the roof is tucked away. The R8 GT Spider is the ultimate, street-legal R8 money can buy, and it really shows where Audi put most of their engineering effort. This car is fast, sharp and good enough to even show a thing or two to the likes of both Ferrari and McLaren.
That glorious engine note and exhaust shrill as you blast down a straight line is so addictive, you might even catch some envious stares from other hyper car owners. In fact, one wonders how this much fun could be legal!
It also begs the question why you should bother with an Italian when you can have a slightly more affordable German that still delivers the goods. Thatís why it takes this title.