Car Of The Year 2013, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Due to the sheer number of nominees, we have designed our criteria to ensure each car is judged fairly in their respective categories. For the cars to qualify, they must fulfill the following prerequisites.

  • The model was launched in 2013
  • The model has been thoroughly test driven (or will be) by our editorial within 2013

Each car has been grouped according to their price and performance to ensure that they receive a fair judgement.

Our Editorial team will score each car from 1 – 10 points on each of the following criteria.

  • Comfort – General ride comfort while cruising and the ability to dissipate bumps and jolts away from the passenger.
  • Performance and Handling – Ability to offer driving enjoyment.
  • Design – We don’t claim to be art critics but we feel a great design will be loved by all. Car enthusiasts or not.
  • Practicality – Can it sit a family of five comfortably and a boot that takes the weekly shopping?
  • Interior – Fit and finish of the interior

The winner for each category will be picked based on the combine scores from the public and our Editorial team. Votes from the public will have 50% weightage while the other 50% will be derived from the scores given to each nominee by our Editorial team.

The winner for the special category - 'Best Sound of the Year' will be based solely on votes from the public.

The overall winner for the Car of the Year 2013 will be picked by our Oneshift Editorial Team after a few rounds of intense discussion and vote computation.