Car Of The Year 2013, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG


Diesel Of The Year 2013 Singapore: Volvo S60 D2


Diesels have come a long way from the coughing sputtering powerplants of yesteryear and this year’s nominees are some of the most refined ever. The diesel clatter has nearly been completely silenced and have made their way into very comfortable platforms that boast excellent ride quality and driving dynamics.

The Citroen DS4 is one such model. We loved the meaty mid-range torque and the excellent handling but were a little perturbed by the silly robotized gearbox and we would take the 6-speed automatic in the Peugeot any day.

The most refined however has to be the S60 D2 that garnered more votes than the other two nominees combined. We loved the decent ride quality, incredible fuel economy and the excellent City Safety collision avoidance system.