Car Of The Year 2013, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG


Executive Sedan Of The Year 2013 Singapore: Mercedes-Benz CLA 200

Executive Sedan

With the stratospheric rise of COE prices this year, manufacturers were forced to stay competitive by bringing ever more efficient engines while enjoying the lower prices in the Cat A COE. BMW fired the first shot across the bow with the introduction of the mono scroll turbo BMW 316i. While it might be the entry level F30 3 series, the car possessed all the driving and handling characteristics that have been the mainstay of the series.

Not to be outdone, Lexus too launched their latest IS to much fanfare. Honed on race tracks all over the world, Lexus had no qualms boasting the dynamic qualities of the new car. True to the point, our Editorial team agreed that not only did the new IS F-sport have the looks, it had dynamic qualities worthy of its exciting LFA-inspired exterior too.

Mercedes-Benz lay in the shadows until the launch of their brand new CLA. The svelte flowing lines of the new baby Merc were enough to convince anyone to part with their money. Coupled with the small but capable powerplant and a sporty chassis, itís no small wonder that Mercedes-Benz has been reporting blistering sales for the CLA. While the Editorial team did find the ride slightly firm, all is forgiven in lieu of its drop dead gorgeous body.