WINNERS: CAR OF THE YEAR 2014 Car of the Year 2014: Hyundai Genesis

When the time came for the Editorial team to choose our 2014 Car of the Year, we took a long hard look at everything that had been launched, driven and critiqued this year. After an intense session of hair pulling and teeth gnashing, it finally became clear.

When we closed our eyes and asked ourselves which of the 56 cars leaps out at us when we think Car of the Year. Then it became simple. What was the most astounding car that completely swept us off our feet much more than the others? What left us with gaping mouths when we scanned through its standard equipment list? What is the first car that comes to our collective minds? There was only one car that kept popping up.

Our winner this year finally breaks the winning streak the Germans have had on our awards for the past 6 years. It might detract from the usual German brand but we came to an honest consensus that this was the car to be crowned the overall Car of the Year.

The Hyundai Genesis is a bit of a surprise in more ways than one. For a manufacturer that has known nothing but build a range of mass market econoboxes, suddenly delving into the deep end of luxury automobiles is a brave step.

But to delve into it and emerge respectfully unscathed is quite another. Although this isn't the first time Hyundai has taken a stab at the luxury segment, it is a first for us here in Singapore. And to do so without having any prior experience is an achievement in itself.

At $250,000, the Genesis is our pick for the best car of 2014. Even in the most optimistic of COE results, a price tag like this will get you an entry-level BMW 5-series minus a huge number of standard equipment that the Hyundai Includes.

Soft close doors, active cruise control, full leather interior, heated and cooled seats, all-round electric seats, HUD and a wheelbase comparable to a flagship sedan, the laundry list of standard equipment goes on and on. The Hyundai Genesis is truly the most value for money sedan we've driven in 2014.

Sure, it isn't perfect but there's no doubt that the latest Genesis is keeping Lexus on their toes. While the ride comfort isn't quite as pliant as the best Lexus has to offer just yet, it is very close to being perfect and will only take another generation to work out the kinks.

If Hyundai can take that evolutionary leap to greatness like what Lexus once did with its first LS, you're looking at the next luxury sedan to give the Germans a run for their money. And you heard it here first at Oneshift.