As 2016 draws to an end, we have seen a gradual rise in the COE price, from sub 50s and eventually crossing mark. With lesser certificates being released in November, we sure can bet that there will be a general rise in car prices.

We have over the months, tested more than 60 cars, doing the hard work of sorting what is definitely good, what is of good value, and what to make out of some. And we would like to share our near-scientific (and sometimes not-so scientific) research findings with you, the consumer.

We are looking for that one car which provides the best value, you, the consumer can buy, which we will crown, Oneshift Car of the Year 2016.


So which car is good enough to go into the nomination list?

We will score each of the nominees based on the criteria below, and the car that gets the most points cumulatively will win the title for each category. Amongst these winners will come the one particular car that shall be crowned Car of the Year, a title that doesn't come easy; but through rigorous scrutiny and scoring.

A total of 9 categories have been selected this year, with each body type or function that is closest to the manufacturer's intention being used to slot the cars into the categories. We've kept the cars group in similar price brackets as far as possible, together with similar performance.

An important criterion for selection to ensure relevance and fairness was that we only picked cars launched in 2016.

Each criterion is worth a maximum of 10 points, and here's what we're looking for in particular:

Design and Quality

Would you take a second look, and keep looking?

Is it well put together; does it have quality materials;
has it got a solidly built feel?


Is it fun to drive?

Is it responsive and gives good feedback through the chassis and steering?

Does it have enough punch?


How well does it ride?

Does it feel cramped inside?


Does it have enough spoils to please the user?

Are there any cool features that standout from the competition?

Is it easy to use the various gizmos and systems on the car?


Are there many and well-sized storage spaces?

How do the rear seats fold down?

Is the trunk big enough for an average family?