Car of the Year 2020

Car of the Year


We are back!

Many of you know, 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Even for those within the automotive industry. Manufacturers have quickly adapted to stay in the game, and likewise our dealerships here.

Car of the Year 2020

This year is an interesting one, with more manufacturers jumping onto the EV bandwagon. With many developed nations, including ours aiming to eventually go fully electric, manufacturers have gone on to produce not only EVs, but cars which feature bridging technologies. But being all-inclusive, we cannot ignore the humble internal combustion engine which has brought us this far, and at the same time, entertained us.

Fully or partially electrically powered or not, we aim to find the best cars that we have tested in their respective categories.

But there will always be one car that shines the most, that will be crowned Car Of The Year 2020!

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Judging Criteria

We have put together an extensive list of cars which we have tested, digging in to how well they are built, how they tick, and how practical or justifiable they really are. All this to aid you in your next buying decision.

How they tick
How it is built

Simply how well is it screwed together, and how good it looks.

How they tick
How does it tick

How well does it drive? Does it perform well for what its intended for?

How they tick
How justifiable is it

How much thought has gone into its practicality or in its engineering?

Car of the Year 2020