Car of the Year 2021

Car of the Year 2021 is back!

It’s that time of the year again!
OneShift by Carousell brings you the best of the best with Car of the Year 2021.

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Car of the Year 2021

In the world of automotives, electrification is the new buzzword! The transformation of the automotive industry towards electrification is well on its way, with car manufacturers taking an aggressive approach to switching from mechanical to electrical power. But are electric cars truly better than the rest?

Car of the Year 2021, brought to you by OneShift by Carousell, is back at it again to help consumers identify the best cars in each class.

And because not all cars are created equal, with each having their own unique offering, only one will come out as Car of the Year 2021!

Which one will it be? Stay tuned!

First, a look back at the winner of Car of the Year 2020
Car of the Year 2021
Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement
Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement

The Skoda Superb has a special place in our hearts. The Czech D-Segment sedan, in its upmarket Laurin & Klement trim, has an equip-ment list that you could easily mistake for a car that is more upmarket. The Superb does deliver excellently well on practicality, and has features that could easily rival many luxury brands... Luxury and space has never been this attainable!

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How it is built
How does it tick
How justifiable is it

Judging Criteria

We have put together an extensive list of cars which we have tested, digging in to how well they are built,
how they tick, and how practical or justifiable they really are. All this to aid you in your next buying decision.

How it is built
How it is built

Simply how well is it screwed together, and how good it looks.

How does it tick
How does it tick

How well does it drive? Does it perform well for what its intended for?

How justifiable is it
How justifiable is it

How much thought has gone into its practicality or in its engineering?


The best cars are the ones which have a soul... Here are the Oneshift Car of the Year nominees for 2021!

Small SUV
Compact SUV
Family-Sized SUV
Compact Hatchback
Small Hatchback
Premium Compact Sedan
Premium Compact Four-Door Coupe
Premium Compact Hatchback
Economy Sedan
Compact Sedan
Full Sized Sedan
Executive Compact Sedan
Executive Sedan
Luxury Sedan
Performance Compact
High Performance Luxury Car
Premium Compact SUV
Premium Compact Crossover
Compact Executive SUV
Executive SUV
Executive 4-Door Coupe
Compact EV
Economy EV
Luxury EV SUV
Compact Luxury Convertible
2021 Dark Horse
Powertrain of the Year

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