5 cars under $90,000 for fresh university graduates

Michelle Lim
30 Jan 2018

You’re in your final semester: it is time to complete your final thesis, hunt for a job, and dream about what to do with that first pay check. For some, you have already been eyeing your new dream car that was recently released. 

Yet, the reality is: most fresh graduates, even with the income gained while doing your internships plus FM (father, mother) sponsorships, will not be able to splurge that much on a new car.

Perhaps, you may want to lower your expectations, and consider these 5 cars under $90,000. 

1. The SUV lover: Hyundai KONA 1.0 T-GDi – from $83,999

Previously featured as one of the sub $100,000 SUVs at the Singapore Motorshow 2018, it is undoubtedly a great bargain for SUV lovers. It is currently the cheapest compact SUV in the market, and even has a $10,000 rebate under the VES.

Your new ride will definitely stand out on the road with Kona’s strong and impactful armor-like body bearing the signature Cascading Grille and composite lamps. As you carpool or ferry your friends during the next meet-up, they will be impressed by its spacious interior and the advanced infotainment system.

For newer drivers, the Kona’s safety systems will provide helpful assistance. Be it the Lane Keep Assist that senses road markings or the Driver Attention Warning system that detect when you are about to doze off behind the wheel after a long day at work, you can be more or less assured that your car has got your back (literally). 

2. The Sports Buff: Kia Cerato K3 SX Sports 1.6L – from $88,999 

Though not exactly a new car, the Kia Cerato went through a facelift and the SX Sports went a notch up to present itself as an edgy car from every angle. It is the top-tier version of the Cerato series where it is equipped with Apple CarPlay Connectivity, paddle shifters on your steering wheel, and auto cruise control to maintain your speed while improving fuel efficiency. To fend off the hot Singapore weather, you can relax and enjoy the ventilated front seats.

3. The Hatchback: Nissan Note 1.2 – from $86,300

Look beyond its small stature, as the Nissan Note is a compact hatchback that packs a punch! The interior is roomy with a large-enough boot space for all your barang barang. As you run errands during your “bottom-of-the-food-chain” first year, you can be comforted by the Note’s fuel efficient CVT and its Idling Stop System that halts the engine at traffic lights achieving an efficiency of 21.7km per litre.

4. The Sedan lover: Toyota New Vios 1.5 – from $89,988


The new and improved Vios features a 7-speed CVT to provide a smooth acceleration. Don’t fret about the lunch time rush hour as you can whizz through the traffic seamlessly. When heading out for celebratory luncheons, impress your friends with the spacious rear cabin or bring down the rear armrest to segregate and quell squabbling colleagues.

If you can’t control the arrows shot at you at the office, the Vios provides you with the eco-drive indicator helping you regulate how economically you drive. When you finally end work and want to have some alone time, enjoy the uniquely designed silencers and engine mounts that minimise the noise and vibration felt while driving home.

5. The Chiongster: Honda Jazz 1.3 Hatchback – from $77,999

For those who wish to quickly move up the financial ladder and get a BTO/SOBF right after graduating may choose to purchase the Honda Jazz and do a sideline Grab/Uber gig. Jazz it up by getting a bright red or yellow one, and you will surely waste no time to get yourself spotted by your next passenger. 

With the unpredictable Singapore weather, the next time it rains and the roads become slippery, the Jazz’s in-built Vehicle Stability Assist would selectively apply the brakes and help to sustain traction on the wet grounds. The Honda Jazz’s compact size also allows it to be zippy on the road. All in all, the Jazz is an affordable buy if your hands are tied right after graduating from university.

If you’re looking to purchase your first car, consider one of these 5 cars under $90,000. Take advantage of the lower COE prices right now! Otherwise,

if you’re really still feeling the pinch, perhaps consider getting a second-hand car with Oneshift!


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