EDITOR'S PICKS - No VES Penalty? Here Are Some Cars of Great Value to Consider

Michelle Lim
12 Jul 2018

Let us just say that some cars have successfully gone under the dreaded VES radar, and have proven to be value buys!

With the more stringent Phase 2 of the Vehicle Emissions Scheme (VES) kicking in, we have noted that some cars have gone up in price, due to them losing their rebate. There are however, a few cars which have passed through without a dent in their VES rebate, or have even stuck to their initial neutral ranking.

At the same time, COEs have also taken a tumble, with Category A at an 8-year low of $25,000. Car prices in the industry have largely followed this trend, making some cars significantly more affordable.

Here are a few offerings which are of very good value.

KODIAQ Ambition Plus 1.4 TSI

For those looking to get a little more space in your 5-seater, take advantage of the low COE prices to get this 5+2 seater SUV. The škoda KODIAQ may appear quite large in size, but in reality it is its lowish roof that visually elongates it and it is slightly smaller than most compact SUVs. So, it wouldn't be intimidatingly big and bulky for picking up the kids at school, for work, for your supermarket runs or for our local multi-storey carparks.

The 1.4 litre engine is said to accelerate to 100km/h in just 9.7 seconds, with maximum torque of 250Nm coming in at 1,500rpm. It is also relatively fuel-efficient with about 15.9km/l combined.

Built for the road, but the KODIAQ is definitely suitable for urban cities as well. The front of the KODIAQ features an eye-catching integrated strip of LED daytime running lights. Its fog lamps also sit at the height of its radiator grilles, where they are slightly sunken in to protect them from damage demonstrates the vehicle’s off-road capabilities. At its side, one will immediately be drawn to the square wheel arches with its angular mud flaps.

Paying attention to fine details, the KODIAQ has LED boarding spots on its external side-view mirror to illuminate dark areas on the ground on your entry and exit. Within the cabin, the foot area is also illuminated – great for those who always find themselves dropping their belongings on the car floor... Furthermore, passengers can enjoy the night sky with its electronically-adjustable panoramic sunroof.

Drivers can enjoy the 8” Bolero radio with a colour touch-screen display. Boasting eight speakers, the display also offers USB/AUX-inputs, Bluetooth, and a SD card slot. The SmartLink+ system enables a seamless connection between the KODIAQ and your smartphone, supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink technologies. Should you wish to charge your phone, the phone compartment right in front of the gear stick enables you to wireless charge your phone while on the go. At the same time, it also amplifies your signal while hidden behind the stick.

Various technologies and assistive systems are also present in the vehicle to ensure safety of drivers and passengers. A total of 7 airbags are equipped within the KODIAQ including the front and passenger airbags, side airbags, head airbags, and driver knee airbags. Besides these important safety airbags, the Driver Alert assistance is able to detect driver fatigue via the power steering sensors and would send warning signals to advise you to take a break while driving home from a hard and late day of work, preventing any possible collision. Other assistances include the front assist, blind spot detection, as well as the rear traffic alert. All of which would trigger partial or emergency breaking where necessary. The park assist is also useful as it helps minimise the hassle of parking in tight spots.

For drivers with lots of equipment to carry around, the KODIAQ presents you with solutions with various cubby holes, including a clever umbrella storage compartment in its front doors that are designed with holes to drain water from the car to keep your interior dry!

Bootspace in the KODIAQ can be extended when you lay the third row of seats flat with 630 litres, or lay flat the middle row for a massive 2005 litres of space. Should you have both hands full, the virtual pedal for the boot is accessible via a swipe of your foot below the boot.

With it competitively priced at $130,900, and loaded with features, the KODIAQ is very attractively packaged.

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