EDITOR'S PICKS - Asian Cars Under $100k with No VES Penalties

22 Jul 2018

We’ve previously covered some cars of great value that went under the radar during Phase 2 of the Vehicle Emissions Scheme (VES) where particulate matter was included, and there were some of you who felt that those were cars that were out of reach. Now, we’ve decided to bring you some Asian brands with none of those VES penalties and as a bonus, all of them are reasonably priced under $100k.

Hyundai Kona Kappa 1.0 T-GDi (M)

For manual car lovers, this one’s for you! This Kona makes do with a 1.0 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, there is no automatic version for their 1.0.

Gear changes on the Kona are pleasently smooth, with its gates spaced-out sufficiently. Like most automatics, this manual car also “auto holds”, allowing you to lift off the brake to depress the throttle with peace-of-mind, great for moments where you need to take off from a slope.

Even though the 1.0 is not exactly built for tossing around like the 1.6, its 118bhp and 172Nm still makes the car quite nippy, the car's  100km/h is a more leisurely 12 seconds, but you would not realise it at all.

The 1.0 Kona shares a similar exterior trim as its faster 1.6 litre turbocharged sibling, with quirky front headlamp cluster and slim tail lamp design.

In the interior, even though the 1.0 Kona loses the push-button digital air-conditioning controls for a simpler set of adjuster knobs, the right amount of equipment is still available where it matters. Like many other Hyundai models, the Kona has a QI charging pad for compatible mobile devices, USB port, 12V power points, and a 7-inch infotainment display.

Boot space is a decent 361 litres, and features a second compartmentalised floor under its mat for smaller and less essential equipment. The cargo space can be extended to 1,143 litres when folding the rear seats down 60:40. Unfortunately, the Kona doesn’t have a cargo cover which means one must certainly be careful with what you place in your boot!

That being said, Hyundai had not skimped, and included a reverse camera for easier parking. Also included are static turn lamps, six airbags and even their smart keyless entry system.

All in all, the 1.0 Hyundai Kona is able to stretch your dollar with fuel efficiency of 19.2km/l combined thanks to a right-sized 1.0 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. There's no surcharge for VES (B) and is an affordable ride, priced under $90k.

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