EDITORS PICKS - Octavia - The Family Warrior

clifford chow
18 Oct 2019

Many of us do not think it, but when we sit back to look at the wide array of things we tend to accomplish during a typical week; it can really be quite a tall order.

Our days can involve balancing work appointments, fetching the kids to and from school; to even just finding that out-of-the-way location to have ourselves that perfect lunch break.


The places may change during the weekends, but the demands are similar.

Shopping for groceries, sending the kids for training, making time for yourself at the driving range. Activities which will need effort and time… and plenty of shuttling around.

A good partner helps to bring you to places safely... but a great partner takes you there in sheer comfort, with all the practicality you need. The Octavia is Skoda’s compact sedan which offers all of this and more!

Family Friendly

The Skoda Octavia is built with the family in-mind. Smart in looks, with heaps of equally smart features; the Czechs have definitely gotten the formula right when penning their compact sedan.

An elegantly-styled exterior features a handsome signature Skoda front grille, flanked by LED headlamps (available on the Ambition Plus model). Rear styling carries simple but purposeful lines, while C-shaped LED taillamps adds a sense of width.

Built for comfort, the Skoda Octavia boasts a long 2,686mm wheelbase, translating to exceptionally good legroom; meaning that both front and rear passengers need not compromise for space to stretch their legs. Large rear door apertures are ideal for those who may have issues with mobility; and provides better access if you need to strap your little ones into their child seats… ISOFIX anchors included.

But How About YOU?

Connect your mobile device to the Octavia with Skoda’s SmartLink to gain access to your phone’s features, via the infotainment system which is fronted by a clear 8” colour touchscreen. Enable your playlist stored on your phone, or simply plug-in to load up on juice.

Enjoy your very own climate setting, with the Octavia’s dual-zone climate controls. Rear passengers also benefit from their very own rear-facing air-conditioning vents.

A multi-function steering wheel allows you to jog through your playlist, or select your preferred information to be reflected on the Maxi DOT display sited within the instrument cluster.

A Silent Performer

Weather it is hopping from one work appointment to another, or cruising from one weekend adventure to the next, the Skoda Octavia’s 1.4 litre turbocharged engine delivers its drive silently.

With 150ps on tap, and 250Nm, delivered from as low as 1,500rpm, Skoda’s compact sedan hits 100km/h in only 8.2 seconds. Gear changes through its quick-shifting 7-speed DSG transmission, delivers constant drive to the front wheels, without power loss, which also translates a silky-smooth drive.

Seven gear ratios, together with the ability to deliver maximum torque at low rpms, also means that the Octavia is able to return an impressive combined 19.2km/l; allowing you to keep clocking the miles with lesser interruptions, and why yes! You just simply spend less…

While you may be hauling the entire family around, they will be riding comfortably, all thanks to a suspension developed for a softer ride quality. Together with the Octavia’s long wheelbase and a well-insulated interior… your little ones might even catch a nap and reach their destination without getting grumpy.

Your Weekend Warrior

Remember that 250Nm of torque? That is ideal for hauling stuff! The Octavia has a boot which boasts 590 litres and up to 1,580 litres with the rear seats folded. Challenge yourself! Load up and haul the entire weekend with you! How about clocking a few hours at the driving range, and some groceries after? The flat loading area is even wide enough to fit your golf bag widthways, and still offers room for much more! A liftback style bootlid lifts away from your head, allowing easier access to items at the rear of the boot.

Active and passive safety, and convenience features like its Blind Spot Detect with Rear Traffic Alert (available on the Ambition Plus model), acts as a second set of eyes for you, allowing you to change lanes or back out onto a busy street safely. Parking is also made easier with a Rear-view camera with Park Distance Control (PDC) as standard.

If a collision is inevitable the 5-star Euro NCAP rated Octavia features 7 airbags, which adds another layer of protection.

Be it a work week grind or rewarding yourself with a weekend unwind, you deserve a dependable warrior with you. The Skoda Octavia offers the practicality you need with a Simply Clever approach. 

Ownership too is simple, the Skoda Smart App is just a flick away on your phone, allowing you to book car servicing appointments, and access to ownership privileges!

Book a test drive with Skoda today to experience how “Simply Clever” the Octavia can be!