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clifford chow
22 Apr 2020

We live in extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic may have taken the wind out of our sails, and any thoughts of even heading somewhere special for a break might be out of our minds now.

As we learn to take this ‘Circuit Breaker’ in our stride by staying at home to flatten the curve, it is always good to dream a little.

While the reality of travel may be a little distant for now, many of us love the idea of roadtrips. The freedom to drive wherever you want, independent from the shackles of guided tours certainly has its allure. 

So we thought… why not allow ourselves to dream a little? 

How about thinking of a place... how about something a little cooler? Think of yourself driving over the crest of a hill, and before you, miles of lush hilltops, peeking through the mist from last night’s rainfall.

You and your family are driving through scenic countryside, up through the highlands, on your way to a lake for lunch. Your car is packed with your day’s needs. Your kids are all happy camper in the rear, enjoying the moment, with rear-facing air-conditioning ducts providing soothing ventilation.

You are in control at the wheel, enjoying the surge of torque as you make your way to the top of the next hill, and then on to the next... The car you are in, is none other than the Skoda Karoq - A smart compact, comfortable and extremely versatile SUV.  

The Skoda’s gearshifts are quick, the 7-speed DSG gearbox is efficient, but most of all, changes up seamlessly, and effortless in doing its job of transferring the drive from the engine. The inclines are steep, but the Skoda Karoq eats up the winding asphalt below it, with its 1.5 litre turbocharged engine dutifully delivering the goods. With 150hp and 250Nm, the latter available from a relaxed spin of 1,500rpm, would mean that you need not work that throttle hard as you climb.

Along the straights, you know that you are simply sipping on fuel. The economical 1.5 litre engine is equipped with cylinder deactivation technology, shuts off two of its four cylinders as you cruise, effectively reducing fuel consumption. See that slight downhill stretch? Lift off the throttle, and the Karoq’s transmission is even able to de-couple, allowing the car to glide effortlessly-yet-safely. Fuel efficiency at a combined 17.2km/l is certainly impressive, and translates to even more distance covered between fuel stops.

You’ve reached the lake, nobody is around, the air is crisp. And from your car, you can see a picnic table in just the perfect spot. You may have never thought of this, but didn’t you notice that your journey through those twists and turns was simply peaceful? Well that’s right… some smart thinking from the part of Skoda. A well-thought-out boot, complete with cargo nets, adjustable hooks and nifty built-in boot organisers, ensures that there is always a way to keep your things from sliding around. 

Crack open the electric boot lid, and right away, you can see how being Skoda Smart works for you. The retractable cargo cover rises out of the way, together with the bootlid, allowing you easy access to your cargo. Unable to find something? Skoda has even got that covered. The boot light doubles as an emergency torch, the moment you remove it from its holder.

With 588 litres of cargo space, and heaps of storage compartments, means that you can carry plenty, to keep your afternoon occupied with activity; from food to sporting equipment.

After a fulfilling day, it is also good to know that Skoda has got your back in keeping you safe. Active safety systems like its side assist with rear traffic alert (available on the Skoda Karoq Style trim), ensures that you keep yourself safe in your lane, and also warns you of oncoming traffic if you intend to switch lanes.

Driving in built-up areas will also mean that vehicles in-front are closer to you. As standard,  front assist with city emergency brake, functions like a second set of eyes for you, and will help keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle in-front; intervening during an emergency by stopping the car to avoid a collision.

While the younger ones are taking a nap, you think… how about something a little more personal, just focusing on you and your significant other? Well, sure most cars can carry a bike or two on their roofs. But the Skoda Karoq Style has another trick up its sleeve. Its VarioFlex rear seating system, consisting of three separate rear seats, allows you to fold them downward individually, forward for more space, or even completely remove them for up to 1,810 litres of flexible cargo hauling capability.

While a road trip may be a distant thought for now, as we brave this storm together; simply imagine the possibilities the Karoq has to offer to you.

Be part of the family, claim your ticket now for up to $4,000 off the Karoq!

Or visit the Skoda virtual showroom from the comfort of your own home, to learn more about the simply clever Skoda range today! 

Stay Smart! Stay Home!


Visit the Official Skoda Singapore Shop on Carousell for more on Skoda!

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