EDITORS PICKS - Skoda Octavia - Your Space For Your Bike And Much More

Oneshift Editorial Team
21 Aug 2020

Most of us can appreciate the comfort of being in a car, while commuting to the office and back. And comfort and convenience are just two of the main reasons why we would want to own a car.

A car is more than just comfort and convenience. It is to some, a statement, while to others, their happy sanctuary... a place where you can spend your “me time”, or take you to places where you can have your “me time”.

Be it the weekday grind, spending a relaxing weekend with family or all on your own; there are so many doors a car can open… And I am not, and am saying this in a literal sense.

Well you see, we believe that there are some cars which are Simply Clever. Take for instance, the Skoda Octavia. A cleverly designed sedan with so much to offer.

The Octavia features sharp styling, and boasts a generous interior, with heaps of legroom for both front and rear occupants, all thanks to some very clever packaging. Large rear doors are ideal for easy entry and exit, and are perfect if you need to strap your child into their child seats. The Octavia features a dual zone climate control system for added comfort. Rear passengers too, benefit from their very own vents.

Not just making things great for passengers, but for the driver too, the Skoda SmartLink allows you to connect your mobile device to the car’s infotainment system, meaning that you can share your playlist with those around you.

Its sharp colour 8” colour touchscreen is easy to use, being flanked by menu buttons also makes it simple to navigate. The multi-function steering wheel allows you to jog through driving-related information, my favorite would be the digital speedometer, which makes it easier to check your speed, especially when going through speed-sensitive zones.

While most cars can do the supermarket run, and take you to work. Have you ever thought of going a step further? Where the Skoda Octavia shines the most, like the rest of their range, is in how well they are able to manage their space. The Octavia boasts a massive estate car-rivaling 590 litre boot. Its liftback-style tailgate makes easy work of loading and unloading. Fold the rear 40:60 rear seats, and 1,580 litres is at your disposal.

Here’s an idea for you! Instead of waiting for the weekend to mount that bike rack onto the rear of your car, how about taking to the park or beach right after work? You could still mount your bike rack behind… Or with the Octavia, with its rear seats folded, you can simply slide your bike in, safely away from prying hands. That liftback-style bootlid makes loading the bike possible, and done so easily too. Practical touches, like a retractable hook in the boot to secure your gear in one place are just some of the clever touches the Czechs have added.

But why does Skoda emphasise so much on practicality? Well you see, Skoda is passionate about cycling, with them supporting major events like Tour de France. The company’s roots are with bicycles, with founders Laurin and Klement engineering a series of innovative two-wheelers in the beginning; and the Czech brand has kept the culture of cycling close to their hearts.

But packing that bike in for later is just part of the fun. The journey to your destination should be equally fun too… The Skoda Octavia is powered by a 1.4 litre TSI engine, which delivers 150ps and 250Nm.

Family sedan it is, but acceleration is brisk, being able to clock 100km/h just 8.2 seconds. Smooth-seamless gearshifts via its 7-speed DSG transmission, means that the Octavia suffers no loss of power in-between shifts and offers greater fuel efficiency. Capable of delivering an impressive 19.2km/l, the Octavia is able to simply stay on the road longer, with lesser fuel stops.

You will also appreciate the Octavia’s suspension, which is tuned to deliver optimum ride comfort, making it easier for you to find ideal cycling spots on bumpier roads, less chartered.

Safety is also a high priority with Skoda, active and passive safety features, like Blind Spot Detect with Rear Traffic Alert (available on the Ambition Plus model), are there as a first line of safety, helping to keep you out of trouble. Standard features like the Rear-view camera with Park Distance Control (PDC) makes parking your Octavia easier. With 7 airbags, the Octavia is 5-star Euro NCAP rated.

The Skoda Octavia is truly a joy to drive and a Simply Clever workshorse you can depend on.

If you have a love for cycling, Skoda will love to hear more about your adventures! Tag them in your IG at #Ride2Unite!

Keep riding Singapore! Skoda is with you!

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