Editors Picks - Skoda Octavia - Go Further. Do More.

Oneshift Editorial Team
21 Jul 2021

When you think of purchasing a car with the family in-mind, there are many considerations. The sensible part of you would wonder… Would it be comfortable? Would there be enough space at the rear to stretch-out during a longer drive. Would the child’s seat fit (in the boot as-well)? Will it be easy for me to place my child into the car? Is it economical?

And if you have a few of these considerations when considering a purchase, good on you! But how about having all of the above-mentioned boxes checked… while still being able to eat your cake!

The all-new Skoda Octavia is truly a ‘Star Reborn’, delivering all of the above, and even more! A cleverly-designed family car, where value and smart thinking is the heartbeat of its creation.

The Octavia is instantly distinguishable with a timeless-expressive design that is pleasing to the eye. You will appreciate details like its attractive front end, with LED headlamps; and also its bold accent line, running across the side of the car, which plays into continuation through its full LED C-shaped crystalline tail lights, complete with animated turn signals.

Where the Octavia shines the brightest is in how well it accommodates its passengers; a signature Skoda trait that you can find throughout its range of cars.

Stretch out in the Octavia’s comfortable seats we know that you would appreciate, especially if you are one who is often on the road. The Skoda Octavia’s suspension is optimised for a comfortable drive, keeping you fresher for longer. Practicality, another Skoda trait, comes to you in many forms, from doors with pockets big enough to accommodate large water bottles; umbrella holders in the front doors with their very own drainage, just in-case the weather suddenly turns.

If you have a full day of activities in-front of you, the Octavia’s 600 litre boot is able to pack it all in; and the rear seatbacks can be dropped with a pull of a lever from the boot. If you are one who treasures even more versatility, the Octavia is also offered as a COMBI (personally my favourite between the two body styles), meaning that you need not worry about taller items.

The all-new Skoda Octavia now comes loaded with even more tech. The infotainment system allows you to access anything from the various cabin colour themes, your favourite playlist from your mobile device (friendly with both Apple or Android systems), various car settings and even the climate control. The new MIB3 interface is heavily customisable and with a hard button menu bar below the screen, it is also remarkably user friendly. All Octavia variants are equipped with a wireless charging pad, a clever touch to keep your mobile device juiced up, and your user experience wire-free.

With the new Virtual Cockpit, you can even choose which display suits you the best, and customise drive information as you please.

Practicality aside, the Octavia will also put a smile on your face, since it delivers punchy performance. This is thanks to an advanced 150hp 1.5 litre turbocharged engine paired with a mild-hybrid drive system, and a quick-shifting 7-speed DSG. 

In Singapore, where traffic is quite often a start-stop affair, the Octavia benefits from the powertrain’s electric drive, especially when starting off from a standstill. This helps to reduce your fuel cost. The 1.5 litre is also designed to operate on just two of its four cylinders when cruising. When you lift off the accelerator, the Octavia is even able to turn off its engine, while you glide effortlessly down the expressway, without burning a drop of fuel!

Not only does the new Skoda Octavia deliver a comfortable drive, it also provides you with a confident one; with the help of safety features like Electronic Stability Control, Drive Alert System, and seven airbags. Convenience equipment like a rear view camera for reversing, Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert (on the Style variant), and even Adaptive Cruise Control (on the COMBI Style), are designed for a fuss-free drive.

Built with the needs of families in-mind, the all-new Skoda Octavia truly is a Star Reborn.

Find out how ‘Simply Clever’ works for you! Book yourself a test drive today!

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