GOwheeler - Changing Impressions A Car At A Time

clifford chow
7 Jun 2019

How do you change the negative perception of Parallel Importers and Used Car Dealers?

I spent an afternoon with Jasper and Jeremy, the bosses of GOwheeler Pte Ltd, a relatively new establishment, dealing in Parallel Imported and Used Cars, located at Carros Centre, and one of the largest outfits in the country. Between them, over ten years of industry know-how; and behind the corporate front, both bosses are genuinely approachable, passionate and forthright when it comes to talking about their business.

GOwheeler began with just one unit, occupying a floor area of 8,084sqft at the then-new Carros Centre. Jasper mentioned that even their friends and family had queried if running such a business in far-flung Kranji was a great idea; when there are already more established locations like Automobile Megamart at Kg Ubi. But they saw the potential here, and their foresight certainly paid off. With a new and uncluttered building, came the possibility of expansion, and expand they did. Within the span of only a year, GOwheeler now occupies a floor area of around 20,000sqft, flooring a selection of more than 60 used cars. Their Parallel Import business carries an average of 100 new cars in physical stock.

On Parallels to Success

When asked what is the key to getting things right for their Parallel Imported car business, Jeremy stressed the importance of strong funding ensures that the business machine runs smoothly. He explains that in order to have the cars delivered to their premises, payments have to be made in a timely manner. The knock-on effect would be readily available selection of cars, showcased to customers to pick and choose from. The smoother supply chain of cars helps to instil all-important customer confidence.

Transparency is also another key factor. Customers are informed of the different costs before making their purchase.

Jasper also mentioned that when it comes to purchasing a car, there are customers who walk in, and are not entirely sure of what they are looking for. Their uncertainty can range from simply finding the car which suits the needs of their family, to getting a clearer picture of financials. His team of sales people have also learnt that the softer skillsets of listening to and understanding their customers’ needs pays off, as it builds trust in the brand. The focus according to both bosses is problem solving, and not outright selling.

GOwheeler’s new cars are warrantied for 3 years or 100,000km, complete with 7 free servicing intervals.

Pre-Loved With a Little More Love

Almost all of us who have hunted for a used car would have heard of various horror stories, of cars not performing the way they should after purchase. The recurring theme of “Careful Lady Owner” does little to hide the fact that some cars have either been tampered with, or are in such bad shape structurally or mechanically; they could pose a danger to those driving them.

Jeremy adds that there is no point in tampering with the cars to make them “more sellable”, as such acts may only serve to benefit a dealership for the short term, but at the unredeemable cost of their reputation.

Used cars sold at GOwheeler are evaluated by STA if they are still under the original agent’s warranty, to ensure that they are in good working order.

Cars which have had their warranties lapsed, are given a 205-point checkup by GOwheeler’s appointed workshop, where if needed, repairs are made; and are given a one-year warranty which is backed by a major insurance player.

More Baskets And Carefully Planned Eggs

When asked about future plans for the company, both Jeremy and Jasper pointed out that there are many baskets, but careful planning is needed on where, and more importantly when to first place their eggs. On their cards at the moment are leasing and in-house financing. Jeremy added that timing is the key.

Drop by GOwheeler’s showroom to check out their extensive range of premium Parallel Imported and Pre-Loved cars. Experience friendly, transparent service. And buy with confidence.

GOwheeler Pte Ltd
60 Jalan Lam Huat #01-03/04/05/39
Carros Centre Singapore 737869
Tel: 6931 1212

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