3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Sports Car

Oneshift Editorial Team
16 Sep 2019

Now admittedly, this isn’t a piece for everyone.

If not only because of the fact that most of us can’t really afford sports cars here, but also since sports cars represent excess and luxury, neither of which make any sense in the world most people live in today.

In a decade that has seen so many carmakers dropping their “lifestyle” line ups in favour of “practical” choices, here’s one for the car lover.

1. Unequivocal Emotion

This is the reason isn’t it?  

“Sports car” is quite the generic term, but they all aim to do the same thing regardless of price, brand or segment.

Gone are the days where you could get cheap and cheerful coupes, even if that meant more looks than performance.

Case in point – the Kia Cerato Forte Koup was a major hit when it arrived just before the turn of the decade.

It didn’t have any performance whatsoever, but it inspired so many boy racers with its handsome looks and roomy cabin.

Sharing the same platform as the sedan, it offered buyers more emotion than its sedan twin.

And it did this without any sort of ridiculous premium.

So while a flamboyant Italian super car might be the first thing you thought of at the start of this piece, the humble Korean wannabe encapsulates the essence of the emotional appeal of a sports car.

2. Fossil Fuels Are Running Out

Okay this is not strictly a sports car thing.

But hear me out.

We’ve lost almost all the good naturally aspirated engines to pollution.

And we’ll continue to lose cylinders and displacement as time goes on, because damn it the weather has gone rogue and it’s getting blisteringly hot.

So, the eco activists are saying that it’s the fault of cars and we should go electric.

But there’s a big difference between going about your regular business in a hybrid everyday and buying an ultra Tamiya car for pleasure.

Living with an electrified everyday car is well and good and easy even, because it’s economical and responsive to drive.

But it’s a whole other matter when you could hit in excess of 300 km/h in an eerie silence.

Until of course something goes wrong and you tumble down the side of a hill and break a leg causing major commotion.

Something which not too long ago a certain popular British motoring presenter experienced while driving an electric hyper car.

Before the world runs out of fossil fuels and you have no choice but to zip around in absolute silence, buy that V8, V10 and heck, V12, if you have the means.

3. For The Love Of Driving

Driving is pleasurable.

Especially when you’re at the wheel of a machine built for the enjoyment of driving.

Which is why track cars are usually pointless (unless you’re a racing driver) and you shouldn’t care about the nth second that the hardest edged track machine could save you.

In reality, what you want is a good balance of comfort, responsiveness and intuitiveness from your car.

And this doesn’t need to come from the million-dollar exotica.

Take your pick of any reasonably powered coupe and it generally delivers these things, albeit in different priorities depending on the manufacturer.

A BMW 2 series coupe has an awesome chassis and engaging steering.

The Mercedes E-Class coupe has a certain waftiness that keeps you comfortable while making you feel special.

Nothing comes as close to being fun as the venerable Mazda MX-5.

The list goes on.

And they’re all great to drive for different reasons, but they’re all great to drive.

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