5 Motoring New Year Resolutions To Do In 2020

Oneshift Editorial Team
6 Jan 2020

It’s that time of year again. And if you’ve not quite decided on your list of resolutions for this opening year of the next decade, we’re here to suggest some motoring related ones you might consider. 

Some are purely for fun, others are out of courtesy. Either way, try them for some light-hearted new year fun, or proper self improvement. Or both.

1. I Resolve To Indicate Each Time I Wish To Make A Course Deviation

Yes this is the obligatory one. 

And also for those who don’t. Especially certain blue-and-white-badged car drivers. 

For the rest of you who do, good on you and keep up the effort. After all, moving your finger up and down burns some calories while you’re pretty much seated for the entirety of your journey.

2. I Resolve Only To Use My Windscreen Washer Only When Stationary

Now seriously, your windscreen might be dirty, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us driving behind and around you are peering through dirty glass too. 

Especially not when you’re driving at speed where your windscreen wash will end up covering everybody else’s car like a rouge hydrant that burst suddenly. 

If you’re going to clean your windscreen, the most considerate way would be to do so at a stop light.

3. I Resolve To Turn Off My Engine When I’m Waiting

While this is technically illegal not to do in Singapore, whereupon you might find yourself footing a heavy fine, many of us still get away with it when enforcement isn’t around. 

But in good conscience if we consider what the weather has become of late – the blistering heat from increased greenhouse effect and reduced rainfall – we might start to do what little we can for the environment to pollute less unnecessarily.

4. I Resolve To Wash My Car At Least Once A Week – By Myself

Petrol stations don’t count. 

We’ve taught you how to wash your car – do try. 

After all, if you don’t generally do much physical activity, this will help burn some of those festive feasting calories off. 

Win-win for you and your car. Or just you really

5. I Resolve To Be Patient On The Roads

A curious thing, driving is. 

Star Wars speak aside, have you realised how driving makes us extremely irritable at everything that doesn’t quite go smoothly on the roads? 

And yet once you’re out of the car, all is forgotten and everything seems rather trivial in hindsight?

Perhaps we should always wear our sanity and patience caps on the roads – something I’m sure Singa the Lion would be proud of. 


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