5 Supercar Configurators To Help Kill Some Time

Jek Ray Low
2 Jun 2020

We have another month before the Circuit Breaker truly ends. 

Dream cars are out of reach for the masses. But in these trying times, it doesn’t hurt to dream, as it can be a welcomed relief from boredom and uncertainty. Take comfort in configuring cars dripping with unobtainium, and kill some time whilst we are at it. We’re sure that in this advanced stage of the circuit breaker, you would have already exhausted every other avenue of entertainment!

5. LamboCARS Virtual Configurator

Photo: LamboCARS

The LamboCARS Virtual Configurator is fan-made, but there’s nothing fan-made about the quality of it. It is an older configurator, and probably wasn’t as well funded as any of the OE configurators, but it opens up a possibility that the proper manufacturer configurators do not offer - the option of mixing and matching components from different variants and even from different aftermarket manufacturers.

If you’re trying to work out how a certain popular bodykit bumper will look like with the wing from a higher-spec OE variant, then do go ahead and check out the configurator here!

4. McLaren

There’s a recurring theme in the world of modern supercars, that is especially apparent with the McLaren configurators. Supercars are excessive and flamboyant, much like their clientele and all of their loyal fans.

You can option your 720S in 36 different colour options, and pair any of those colours with 4 different types of wheels in a wide range of different finishes. McLaren even offers seemingly limitless customisation on every single exterior panel, picking and choosing the colour and finish of every individual piece. The same story is true of the inside. You can even opt for a harness bar! Have a play with the McLaren configurator here!

3. Lamborghini

Another Lamborghini configurator, but this time, it’s the official one. A Lamborghini is the quintessential poster car of any 9 year old, so satisfy the hopes and dreams of your inner child by having a play with any of the vehicles in Lamborghini’s lineup.

One can dream right? Imagine that you actually have the cash to splash, and you are in the market for a big Lambo. Bathe in the glory that is its 58 different exterior colours, all in different finishes, then further obsess over other trim options on the inside and around the car. Carbon Inlay on the seats perhaps, or even, fretting about which one of the 6 colour options for the calipers will best match the car. Intrigued? Check out the Lamborghini configurator here!

2. Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes Benz is society’s stereotypical hallmark of success. To own the AMG GT 4 door we’ve used for this article, that description is accurate, as, specced to an outrageous level, these super saloons can cost just under a million dollars.

Straightaway, you’re presented with the option for a special edition package, that has an equally special pricetag attached to it. 10 different exterior colours are on offer here, and you can pair any one of those colours with the 5 different wheel options, in various colours and finishes. Inside, you can opt for 10 different leather and alcantara colours, and trim in either carbon fibre, or a more timeless piece of wood. There are loads of other options, which can really balloon the price rapidly. Satisfy your itch for a big Merc by having a go in its configurator here!

1. Ferrari

More Italian Unobtainium graces this list. Ferrari’s configurator is mightly impressive, with its entire portfolio replicated really nicely. For this article, we’ve chosen to take a look at the Portofino, as it is the happens to be most affordable vehicle in their lineup. I know we’re daydreaming a little, but it helps to at least attempt to stay down to earth isn’t it?

The smallest Ferrari still offers a fairly huge list of customisable parts. There are 27 exterior colours to choose from, with 2 different wheel designs with 3 finishes each. 5 caliper colour options are on offer, which means you can definitely find something to match your specifications. As with all other cars featured on the list, there is plenty of carbon to option in, and the interior customisation is just as impressive too. Here’s a link to said configurator!

Supercar realisation may be far away for most of us, but you may find yourself a hidded gem in our pre-loved car section.

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